NFL Draft 2012: Washington RB Chris Polk Scouting Report

Scotty McGrawCorrespondent IIIJanuary 22, 2012

Polk running the ball against the Oregon Ducks
Polk running the ball against the Oregon DucksOtto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Chris Polk, Running Back, Washington Huskies

5'11", 222 pounds

2011 Stats: 293 Rushes, 1488 Yards, 12 TDs


Polk has a sprinter's speed. Once he gets to the edge, he always is a threat to burst one for paydirt. He rushes inside the tackles frequently, but squeezes outside toward the sidelines. If Polk is in the open field, it is nearly impossible to bring him to the turf.


On the football field, Polk picks up speed very quickly. He racks up speed in an instant.


A lot of Polk's production is due of his nasty cutback. His ankle-breaking juke makes linebackers and defensive backs fall flat on their faces. This nimble tailback has the agility of a leopard.


Polk's stiff-arm may be his most lethal asset in his arsenal of rare traits. He also lowers his shoulder cleanly to run straight through defenders. His strength matches up well with his speed.


Polk's toughness should never be questioned. His running style defines his attitude and approach to football. The hits that Polk lays on defenders sends chills straight through every single viewer's spine.

Running Style

With his mind-blowing combination of speed and strength, his running style is multidimensional. He pounds inside the tackles, but also sprints to the edge around blockers.


His running style helps not only himself when he is receiving, but also the quarterback. On screens, Polk navigates through the sea of defenders and finds ways to score.


The two most significant things that stand out are his running style and speed. Trying to prepare for Polk is tough. Linebackers are big enough but too slow, and defensive backs are fast enough but too small. The team that selects Polk will benefit immensely in all phases of offense.

NFL Comparison: 
Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice

Possible Teams:
New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers