Tim Lincecum Is Not Going to Be Traded by the San Francisco Giants

Jason HooverCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2012

Tim Lincecum is not going anywhere
Tim Lincecum is not going anywhereKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Tim Lincecum is not going to be traded, ever.

The above statement couldn't be any clearer. Yet it seems with each passing week the talk and tweets about why Lincecum should be traded, before he is allowed to leave in free agency, grow.

There are roughly eight billion articles on B/R alone that speculate about a Lincecum trade and the ramifications of such a move. The key word there being "speculate"—like when I speculate what it would be like to have my own personal Robocop or a Scrooge McDuck money pit. Speculate.

Speculation is not fact, Internets.

The fact is trading Lincecum is about as foolish a decision as the San Francisco Giants franchise could make. You do not trade away a star player in the prime of his career. Lincecum is more to the Giants franchise than just an ace pitcher. He is the face of the franchise.

For all the grousing fans do about Brain Sabean, he is well aware of Lincecum's status amongst the hierarchy of great Giants. Sabean and the Giants will handle Lincecum accordingly.  

Take the St. Louis Cardinals and Albert Pujols as an example. The Cardinals did everything they could to try and secure Pujols long-term. When they were unable to come to an agreement and Pujols left to Anaheim (that's right, Anaheim—not Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) the Cardinals wished him well and thanked their Mark McGwire blarney stone they had 10 wonderful years with Albert.

Trading a franchise player sets a bad tone. It shows a lack of loyalty to your players and takes the "this game is still a business" approach to a whole new level. There are few examples of a team trading a Franchise player, and even fewer of it being a success for the team dealing the star.

So let the speculation end. Tim Lincecum will be a Giant next year. If he does choose to take his talents to South Beach, then we wish him well and remember the great moments he brought the franchise.