Wisconsin Thoughts for 2009

Tim SeemanAnalyst IJanuary 4, 2009

It's been 28 days since I wrote my last article here on Bleacher Report, and it was an article (almost) completely devoid of anything related to my state or my teams.  Time to change that with some random thoughts.

I'm glad—like many other folks in this state, I'm sure—that the Eagles took care of business up in the Metrodome.  Also, Vikings fans, you're not allowed to boo during a home playoff game.  Did you really expect a different outcome from this game?  Just cheer for your team and be happy that you made it that far.

Bret Bielema is in big trouble after getting pounded by Florida State in the Champs Sports Bowl.  The Badgers' record has gotten worse every season since Bielema took over.

The Packers need to at least make an offer to Albert Haynesworth during the offseason, no matter how unlikely it is that he accepts it.  Nobody thought Reggie White was coming to Green Bay during that first season of free agency.

Everything is right in the college basketball realm.  Marquette is the best in the state, with the Badgers providing a formidable challenge.  Maybe UW-Milwaukee will become relevant again.  Maybe not.

Prince Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is a good young player for the Bucks and is keeping them in the playoff chase.  It's also keeping Michael Redd in town a little longer.

I loved watching Wesley Matthews guard Keaton Nankivil in the MU-UW game.  They are former high school teammates that I watched bludgeon my school two times during my sophomore year.

The Yankees make me sick.  I'm sure they're happy with the second-round draft pick for CC Sabathia trade.  I have faith that Doug Melvin can find a good player, though.

Speaking of baseball, why don't the Brewers make a move for Jake Peavy?

Green Bay is two or three good linemen (offensive and defensive) away from being a great team.

The Badger football team needs skill players.  Fast skill players.  Lots of them.

Congratulations to former Marquette player Dwyane Wade for his great season up to this point.  That draft class may end up being one of the best ever, especially if Carmelo and the Nuggets can do some damage in the Western Conference.

The Bucks completed their defensive turnaround a lot sooner than expected, and they have enough weapons offensively to get into the playoffs.  Who cares if they get swept by a great Celtics, Cavaliers, or Magic team in the first round?  They only won 29 games last year!

I'm excited to see how Ken Macha manages the Brewers this summer, regardless of how far back the team might fall after last season.

I like knowing in January who the quarterback is going to be for the Packers next season.  It's very reassuring.  Also reassuring is the fact that Green Bay gets to play the NFC West next season.

Can't wait until the Big East basketball season gets into full swing.  Easily the best conference in the nation.  UConn and Pitt will be ranked one and two pretty soon.  It doesn't matter that Seton Hall and Rutgers aren't good when the top two teams in the conference are the best in the nation.

Finally, the best part of Wisconsin is this: The nicknames of the professional sports teams represent what the state is all about.  Packers and food.  Bucks and hunting.  Brewers and beer.  It can't get any more perfect than that.