LSU Football: 5 Reasons Why Russell Shepard Should Not Declare for the NFL Draft

Sean MerrimanCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2012

LSU Football: 5 Reasons Why Russell Shepard Should Not Declare for the NFL Draft

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    Twitter is certainly taking over as a mainstay in today's social media world, but Russell Shepard's Twitter page might not bring good news to the LSU faithful.

    "Thanks for your support Tiger Nation...but I have to do what's best for my family and myself...Geaux Tigers," read Shepard's Twitter account.

    Now, it remains uncertain whether that means Shepard will be going pro or possibly transferring schools, but according to sources close to the situation, Shepard is indeed planing on entering his name into the NFL Draft.

    While Shepard does possess outstanding athletic skills, he has certainly underachieved during his three years at LSU. With a poor junior season, it really dosen't make much sense for Shepard to turn pro right now.

    Let's break down five reasons why Shepard should not declare for the NFL draft. 

1. He Had a Poor Junior Season

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    For how talented Shepard is, he sure didn't put up great numbers on the football field this season.

    Shepard ranked fourth on LSU's roster with just 14 catches this season for a measly 190 yards. He did have four receiving touchdowns, but still, these numbers are far from resembling an NFL ready wide receiver.

    It's understandable if Shepard thought he reached his peak and there was nothing left for him to accomplish in college, but this kid is far from reaching his potential.

2. LSU Will Have an Improved Passing Game Next Season

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    While Russell Shepard did not have great numbers this past season, part of that has to do with the poor play from the quarterback position at LSU.

    Anyone who watched this year's BCS National Championship knows very well how poor Jordan Jefferson can play at times.

    The good news is, that should all change next season.

    Jordan Jefferson, who was a better runner than pocket passer, is graduating this year. In come highly touted freshman Gunner Kiel and redshirt sophomore Zach Mettenberger, both of whom are known as elite pocket passers.

    If Shepard stays, he should be much more involved next season as LSU gets back to having an elite passing game.

3. There Are a Lot of Good WR Prospects

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    If there was one year for wide receivers to hold off on entering the NFL Draft, this might be the one, simply because it is already so deep in talent.

    Last year, we saw both A.J. Green and Julio Jones get drafted in the top-10 picks. We could see the same this year with Justin Blackmon and Alshon Jeffrey.

    But it dosen't end there.

    Michael Ford, Kendall Wright and even Nick Toon could all go in the first round.

    If Shepard is looking to be a high draft pick, this certainly isn't the right year to do so.

4. He Has so Much Talent to Show....At the College Level

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    If you can't make out what jersey that is that Shepard is wearing in this photo, it is an Under Armour All-American jersey because he was a stud at the prep level.

    In fact, many publications across the nation had Shepard as one of the top-10 players in the 2009 national recruiting class.

    He was recruited as a quarterback, but was soon moved to receiver once he arrived in Baton Rouge.

    If this kid is better as a quarterback, then go ahead and transfer. If he is better at wide receiver, then stay in school and give yourself a chance to display those skills which led you to be a top national recruit.

5. He Needs to Imrpove His Reputation

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    Russell Shepard hasn't had the cleanest slate in the world during his time at LSU.

    If fact, Shepard was suspended for the first three games of this season after he violated NCAA rules.

    Shepard was penalized for discussing an ongoing investiation with his college teammates, which was related to the school's relationship with scouting service provider Willie Lyles.

    If Shepard were to come back and have a solid senior season, people would likley forget about the bad and remember the good.

    If Russell Shepard wants to do what's best for his football career, he should make the right decision and return to school in 2012.