2012 NFL Super Bowl: The Logo Remains the Same as Last Year, Won't Change

Nathan PalcowskiContributor IIIJanuary 9, 2012

One of the things that excites football fans (and this reporter) about the Super Bowl is not just the teams playing in the big game, but also the Super Bowl logo that goes with it. Every year the Super Bowl logo is different, giving insight or specific characteristics to the city where the game is being played.

Last year, the Super Bowl logo was a sleek silver-looking logo with the Vince Lombardi Trophy on top of the roman numerals for the number 45. This year I expected something that had to do with the magnificent city of Indianapolis, only to find out that it's the same logo as last year with one more roman numeral.

This disappointment sparked my interest and led me to find out why the logo was the same as last year's: "Given it's global size and scale, we really wanted a design that was permanent and that really could emphasize the prestige and stature of the game." said Mark Waller, NFL's chief marketing officer.

Permanent logo? No more colorful logos displaying a city's beauty and architecture? The same logo forever. It's true—The company that made many of the Super Bowl's past logos confirmed it: "A sports event of this stature needs a consistent, iconic identity." said Landon & Associates, the creator of Super Bowl logos. "A symbol that fans can immediately recognize, much like the Olympic rings."

The future super bowl logos
The future super bowl logos

Though the explanation seems logical, I thought the unique logos made the NFL and the Super Bowl unique. Every year the NFL would announce a different logo for the Super Bowl, much like the NCAA changing the BCS National Championship logo every year. And to Landon & Associates' credit, the Olympics logo never changes, but every year they do have a logo that exemplifies the city in which the Olympics are being hosted.

In conclusion, the NFL will always have an identity for the Super Bowl as being one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. The decision to make the Super Bowl logo the same every year is proof that the NFL has become the No Fun League.

Hopefully the NFL will change its mind and go back to the way things used to be.