2012 NFL Draft: Should Robert Griffin III Be a Target for the Miami Dolphins?

Brian MurtaughAnalyst IJanuary 8, 2012

WACO, TX - DECEMBER 03:  Robert Griffin III #10 of the Baylor Bears looks to pass during a game against the Texas Longhorns at Floyd Casey Stadium on December 3, 2011 in Waco, Texas.  (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

Robert Griffin III took the college football world by storm in 2011 as he won the Heisman Trophy and completed one of the best seasons by a Baylor football player in history. Draft experts all over the country now have Griffin as one of the most highly coveted prospects, and teams are beginning to dig deeper into what kind of player he could be at the NFL level.

The Miami Dolphins are a franchise looking for a quarterback that can become the next leader in a historic line of signal-callers.  The Chad Henne experiment seems to have failed miserably for the Dolphins, and Matt Moore lacked consistency for most of the season.

Experts around the country say that Griffin has all the abilities of a NFL quarterback, and many have compared him to stars like Michael Vick and Vince Young.

So, with all the hype surrounding Griffin, should the Dolphins go for broke and trade up to pick him on draft day?

The Dolphins currently hold the eighth pick in the first round and would likely have to trade into the third or fourth position in order to draft Griffin. Miami would be forced to exchange their eighth overall selection this season and a large number of future selections in order to move up that high.

The Atlanta Falcons set the standard for trading high picks last season when they traded with the Cleveland Browns and the sixth overall pick. Cleveland acquired two first-round picks and four other picks in return for the selection, which landed Julio Jones in Atlanta.

The Dolphins are in a good position to do make this type of move because they have a strong supporting cast around a weak quarterback position. Players like Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas always make a quarterback's job easier and are good targets.

The Dolphins should also have a large amount of free agent appeal with their new head coach and desirable location.

Griffin could be a very good fit for Miami because he would not only give the franchise hope, but would also turn the Dolphins offense into one of the fastest units in the NFL. Griffin also has a great ability to read coverages very well and should be able to learn to utilize his weapons easily.

The biggest thing that Griffin could bring to Miami is his winning history.

Griffin played a very large part in Baylor's emergence into the football world this past season, and he was a highly recruited player even coming out of high school. In addition to football excellence, Griffin already received his bachelor degree from Baylor and is pursuing a masters degree while preparing for the NFL.

Griffin threw for over 10,000 yards and 78 touchdowns during his career at Baylor, and also scored a total of 33 touchdowns on the ground. Griffin also holds eight current offensive records at the university and broke the NCAA Midwest Regional 400-meter hurdles record for the Baylor track team in 2008.