NFL Power Rankings: Rating All 32 Team Logos

Kraig LundbergAnalyst IIIJuly 27, 2011

NFL Power Rankings: Rating All 32 Team Logos

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    As we anxiously wait for free agency activity to resume and the 2011 NFL season to begin, let's have a little fun and rank the NFL's team logos from 32 to 1.

    The NFL's organizations sport a wide variety of different ideas, shapes, sizes and colors that go into their logos, and because merchandise is a big part of their income, a lot of effort goes into marketing.

    But what if we threw all the other stuff out the window and just ranked them according to their visual appeal?

    Sure, that'll get some fans riled up. This is just one person's opinion and everyone else will have their preferences. But that's just the fun of it, so why not?

    Logos will be ranked based on all around visual appeal, including color scheme.

    Here we go.


32. Cleveland Browns

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    Sorry, Cleveland fans, but the Browns' logo comes in dead last.

    Come on though, you can't blame me. I mean seriously, it's a helmet. A brown helmet.


31. Oakland Raiders

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    I understand the history of this logo, but the Oakland Raiders need to update.

    It's a guy in an old leather football helmet with an eye-patch, crossed swords, and the word "Raiders" all wrapped up into a nice badge-looking thing. Oh, and it's black and gray.

    Not particularly appealing to me.

    My cousin, on the other hand, thinks it looks like the guy was brutally murdered and says they should at least add some blood to make it realistic.


30. New Orleans Saints

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    The New Orleans Saints have been fantastic the past few seasons, but I can't get behind their logo.

    It's just a club, which symbolizes sainthood, I guess. Not exactly footballish. Plus, the color scheme isn't the greatest in my opinion.

    Gold and black is just, I don't know... meh.


29. New York Jets

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    Rex Ryan has the New York Jets dominating on the field, but their logo isn't one I'd choose.

    First of all, I'm not a big fan of the oval. Second, it's too busy with the NY in the back and the Jets over top of that and the football resting below the letters.

    Lose the oval, the NY and the football, and they might have something. It needs to have something to do with an actual jet.


28. New York Giants

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    Okay, so it might seem like I'm biased against the state of New York, or at least their teams.

    On the contrary, being a Nebraska fan, I've actually begun to embrace the Giants after they drafted Cornhusker Prince Amukamara.

    But I'm just not feelin' the NY. It's not busy like the Jets', but it's not exactly visually appealing either. 

    The Giants may have a rich history, but many of their good years came with a different logo anyway.


27. Chicago Bears

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    Another storied franchise, the Chicago Bears may have a very notable logo. But it's not because it's particularly pretty.

    I like the little point on the end of the C, but other than that there's not much going for it. The dull color scheme hurts too.


26. Dallas Cowboys

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    Yet another team with storied tradition whose logo doesn't stack up accordingly.

    I mean seriously, who really cares? It's the Dallas Cowboys. They deserve to have a boring logo that still carries a ton of weight.

    But we're going by visual only, and it's just a blue star.


25. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    What is this? Why do all the good teams have such boring logos?

    I guess because they hold so much tradition, fans don't want to change them.


24. Washington Redskins

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    The Washington Redskins' logo is debatable. 

    Sure, the man looks scary and the feathers on the side of the circle are pretty cool.

    But I feel like it's a little too busy, and much like the Steelers' and Jets' logos, I'm not a fan of that circle. The brownish-red and yellow color scheme just isn't easy on the eyes, either.


23. Indianapolis Colts

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    The Indanapolis Colts' horseshoe logo isn't bad, but it's certainly not much to look at either.

    Works for them, but just not exciting.


22. San Francisco 49ers

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    Another oval shape, another blah logo. The San Francisco 49ers logo isn't all that bad, but it's not great either.

    The S over the F is decent looking, but the colors aren't eye-popping. Just an average logo.


21. Miami Dolphins

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    The Miami Dolphins logo isn't all that bad, but honestly, it could be a lot better. I could see some finding it really cool, and others finding it really corny.

    A dolphin with a helmet on and a sun-looking thing in the background doesn't scream "tough," and the colors are sort of strange together.

    But hey, it's a dolphin. Uniqueness saves it just a little bit.


20. New England Patriots

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    I could get some jeers for this one, but I just don't see a whole lot to like about New England's logo.

    The color scheme is halfway decent and the shape is pretty cool, but the face is not my favorite and it's frankly hard to tell what's going on with the guy's head.

    Is it a flag, a hat, or what?


19. Minnesota Vikings

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    I absolutely love the Minnesota Vikings helmets, but the logo itself is disappointing.

    For some reason I'm just not keen on the human faces, and I think the Vikings should stick to the helmet logo as their main logo.


18. Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seattle Seahawks' logo is actually not bad, but the idea itself was better executed than the actual logo, in my opinion.

    The colors just aren't my favorite together, and the bird looks too much like a toucan.

    But at least they tried.


17. Cincinnati Bengals

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    This one is a simple "B" for Bengals, but Cincinnati is saved by its tiger stripes. The shape of the letter is pretty unique too.

    I like those stripes, but it would have been cool to see what they could do with an actual tiger shape.


16. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    This logo would normally be higher, but the color scheme drops it down.

    The Jaguar looks fierce and intimidating, but I'm just not a fan of the teal and tan mixture.

    My cousin says it looks like it has a disease in its mouth.


15. Baltimore Ravens

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    Baltimore's Raven logo is a little bit busy, but the "B" fits well inside the head and overall it looks pretty cool.

    The dark purple and gold color mixture knocks it down a bit.


14. Arizona Cardinals

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    A Cardinal isn't exactly a scary mascot, but Arizona's logo is well-designed. The red, black and white head with a yellow beak works for it, and the styling is great.


13. Green Bay Packers

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    I realize putting the Green Bay Packers this high goes against everything I've stood for thus far, and I'm prepared to get ripped about it.

    But there's something about Green Bay's logo that makes it uniquely awesome for being a simple "G."

    I personally like the green and yellow together, and the cool shape of the G is such that it makes the oval that I normally despise seem okay.

    Don't ask me why, I just like it.


12. Buffalo Bills

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    The Buffalo Bills may have a pretty sub-par team, but there's not much to hate about their logo.

    Even though it's not their actual mascot, a buffalo makes for a pretty cool logo, and the streak down the middle gives it some flavor. The colors are generic, but not ugly by any means.

    My cousin says it looks like there's a laser death ray coming out of its eye.


11. San Diego Chargers

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    The San Diego Chargers' logo doesn't seem like much, but the electric bolt fits very well on the helmet and is very unique.

    The colors are fine, and it makes you think of speed and quickness, qualities highly coveted in the sport.


10. Tennessee Titans

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    There are parts of this logo I don't care for, but overall it's very cool.

    I don't particularly love the light blue, dark blue and red all together and the circle rears its ugly head yet again, but the 3D-looking "T" is awesome and the fire off the end makes the circle relevant.


9. Kansas City Chiefs

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    The look of the "KC" is decent, like the "SF" in San Francisco, but what really makes the Kansas City Chiefs logo is the arrowhead.

    It may not be much, but it basically makes it awesome.


8. Atlanta Falcons

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    The feet on the Atlanta Falcons logo might be a little bit cartooney, but the basic concept is grand and the logo as a whole looks fantastic.

    Falcons are vicious birds of prey, making it a great mascot, and the color scheme and design are very good-looking.


7. Houston Texans

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    The Houston Texans logo is a bull, and while that may not have anything to do with their nickname, the built-in Texas flag makes up for it.

    The eye is strategically replaced with a star, and the logo as a whole is not too busy or too simple. 

    The Texans may be the youngest franchise in the business, but they apparently know their way around marketing.


6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo is outstanding.

    The torn-up flag hooked onto a pirate sword is a unique idea that works well, and the skull and cross-swords look fearsome. The colors work, too.

    The only thing I would change about it is the football. Leave it off, we know you're a football team.

    Besides, my cousin says it looks like the skull is eating a coconut.

    Om nom nom nom.


5. Philadelphia Eagles

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    An eagle might be an oft-used mascot, but it's a great one at that, and Philadelphia has mastered their Eagles logo.

    Teal and white works well together, and the eagle head looks explosive and intimidating.

    I like what the Eagles' winged helmets even better, but the bald eagle head is still sweet.


4. Detroit Lions

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    The old Detroit logo is pretty average, but the new Lion is phenomenal.

    The Lions' recent upgrade made few changes, but those that it did make were striking. As it is now, the Detroit logo looks modern and ferocious, and the bright blue color is very visually appealing.


3. Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers may have been the worst team in the league last season, but their logo is one of the league's best.

    I could see some people disliking the color scheme, but I personally love the light blue and black mixture.

    The panther itself looks intimidating and is not too busy or too simple. Awesome logo.


2. St. Louis Rams

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    Quick, think of a better football mascot than the Rams.

    Still waiting.

    St. Louis's mascot is almost perfect for a football team, and the logo lives up to the name. The navy and gold colors look good together, too.


1. Denver Broncos

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    The Denver Broncos top my list because their logo has it all.

    The orange and navy looks fantastic together, and the logo itself looks modern, explosive, and fiercely intimidating.

    Too bad the team doesn't follow suit, but maybe they'll be getting back to relevance soon.

    Either way, this logo is a whole lot of amazing.