5 Former Clippers Players Who Should Coach Lob City

Oren FriedmanCorrespondent IIAugust 29, 2012

5 Former Clippers Players Who Should Coach Lob City

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    From Doc Rivers to Sam Cassell, the Los Angeles Clippers have enjoyed some of the best floor generals in the NBA.

    Providing a nice complement to the bench, Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups have brought new meaning to the term player coach as competent extensions of head coach Vinny Del Negro.

    With Del Negro at the helm, Lob City enjoyed its best record in franchise history last season at 40-26 with a 60.6 win percentage.

    Having undergone a massive culture change by pairing Paul with highlight machine Blake Griffin, the Clippers are now an alluring free agent destination.

    Competing in a reloaded Western Conference, Del Negro has his work cut out for him this season.

    Although he could have what it takes to take this team deep into the playoffs, the idea of a Clipper alum making the transition to the bench is as scintillating as ever.

    Here are five former Clippers that could coach the team one day.

5) Dominique Wilkins

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    The comparisons between Dominique Wilkins and Blake Griffin are uncanny.

    In his prime, Wilkins was one of the most dominant power forwards in the game. 

    Utilizing clever post moves with high flying power, Wilkins was one of the most complete bigs in the league.

    Whether he was working on the elbow or spinning to the rim, Wilkins' teammates could always count on him to deliver big in critical situations.

    Although Wilkins only played 25 games in a Clipper uniform at the end of the 1993-94 season, he would still be the perfect tutor for the young Blake Griffin. Sharing experiences as a physical bruiser, Wilkins could help Griffin develop into a consistent All-NBA superstar.

    Passing the torch from one of the most entertaining players in NBA history to the dunk machine 2.0 would be quite the site for all basketball purists.

4) Bob McAdoo

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    Lighting up the league in the 1970s, Bob McAdoo was perhaps the best Clipper in franchise history.

    Although McAdoo technically starred for the Buffalo Braves, his team's move to San Diego and eventually to Los Angeles is reason enough to consider him a Clip.

    As an electrifying power forward, McAdoo rode his high scoring to an MVP season for Buffalo in 1975.

    Currently an assistant coach for the Miami Heat, McAdoo is credited with aiding in the development of big men like Udonis Haslem and Chris Bosh.

    With two underdeveloped bigs on the current Clipper roster in Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, McAdoo would be a suitable mentor for the team's young starters.

    A refined postgame would do wonders for the two, and McAdoo would certainly be the right man for the job.

3) Mike Woodson

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    As the current head coach of the New York Knicks and the former coach of the Atlanta Hawks, Mike Woodson has a reputation for preaching team defense to his squads.

    Given the deficiencies in Lob City, Woodson would be a wizard at tightening up a mediocre defense.

    While Woodson's best years as a player were on the Kansas City Kings in the early 1980s, he still enjoyed a few solid years for the Clippers towards the end of his career.

    Always a solid individual and team defender, Woodson has excelled in taking his game from the floor to the bench.

    If Woodson finds his seat hot in Madison Square Garden, sending him to LA might be a blessing in disguise. A return to his old team could be the right remedy to turn the Clips into a dominant defensive machine.

2) Doc Rivers

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    Known for being one of the best coaches and locker room guys in the league, Doc Rivers could command the respect of the Clippers' roster.

    In the midst of one of the most challenging stretches of the season in March, reports surfaced that Clipper players were quickly losing confidence in coach Del Negro.

    Simply, Del Negro does not have the tools or pedigree to be a venerable leader in the locker room.

    After bringing together the Big 3 in Boston, Doc Rivers is credited with having the ability to handle big egos and to ensure that his teams play at an elevated level.

    The Clippers are a borderline contender. Getting the right coach on board will be critical for the team moving forward in developing team chemistry.

    If a vacancy opens up and Rivers finds himself unemployed, Clippers' brass would be smart to snatch up the crafty coach.

1) Sam Cassell

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    Sam Cassell's playing career on the Clippers is associated with two things: winning and swagger.

    As the team's leader during the magical 2005-06 season, Cassell was transcendent for the team and for the franchise.

    Up to then, the Clippers had never made it that deep into the playoffs and had nearly found themselves in the conference finals before bowing out to the Phoenix Suns in a grueling seven game series.

    Cassell had the confidence to nail the big shot and served as the missing perimeter complement to Elton Brand and Chris Kaman in the paint.

    In the twilight of his career, Sam I Am functioned both as the team's floor general and as the team's mentor.

    The Florida State product has always had an interest in coaching and currently serves as an assistant for the Washington Wizards.

    Coach Cassell and the Clippers can be quite the romanticized marriage for the Clipper faithful. A head coaching debut in LA would be a bold and exciting move for such a maligned and devoted fan base.


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