How Barcelona Can Have the Best Season in History

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How Barcelona Can Have the Best Season in History

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    Barcelona is enjoying one of the greatest starts to the season in club history (via fcbarcelona). But, we all know that anything can happen in football.

    With half of the season left to go, Barcelona must answer a few questions and has a lot of work left to do to end on a high note.

    La Blaugrana have definitely put themselves in a wonderful to position to finish this season as one of the best teams of all time. But, what must Barcelona do to make this the best season ever?

    There are actually a large number of things that the Catalan giants can target this season. Let us take a look at how Barcelona can have the best season in history.

Do Not Make Any Moves in January

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    The current squad has been lights out. Though a few players have struggled for form, the team as a unit is firing on all cylinders.

    The January transfer window allows for teams to make big moves or purchase much-needed players. However, the current squad is in no need of a midseason arrival.

    With the style of play that Barcelona uses, any new player would have to be given time to adapt to the system.

    The fact of the matter is that Barcelona does not have time to waste on a player learning the new system. The club recognizes this as they have rarely brought players in during the January window.

    While some positions may seem thin, Barcelona would be better off giving more opportunities to their youth than buying a replacement.

    For the Catalan giants to finish this season as the best, the team must stay just as it is: unified, hungry and deadly.

Continue Historic Run in La Liga

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    Barcelona recently broke the record for the best start to a La Liga season and continues to set the new record with each game (via fcbarcelona).

    History must continue to be made for this season to go down as the best.

    La Blaugrana current sit nine points ahead of Atletico Madrid and 16 points ahead of Real Madrid. If the point difference was not enough, Barcelona is also undefeated in La Liga, suffering only one draw.

    Barcelona has everything needed to finish this season with a historic points and goal total.

    It is not an impossible goal for the Catalans to finish with the best record La Liga will ever see, which would immediately place their season as one of the best domestically.

    Every great team and season is characterized by the success and records they achieve. With so much history in the sights of this Barcelona team, this season already looks destined to be one of the best of all time.

Find a Way Around the Parked Bus

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    Every team has their weakness, for Barcelona is it the parked bus defense they often encounter. If Barcelona can find a way to break through the bus, nothing will be able to stop this team.

    Every opponent knows that Barcelona will retain the majority of the possession. So they have begun to sit every player around the box and dare Barcelona to beat them from far.

    The individual styles of Barcelona players do not involve much play from long, but this team may have already found a remedy.

    The wing play using the outside defenders has forced opponents to play a more traditional defense. If not, players like Jordi Alba will be able to slip behind the back line and cause trouble.

    Not only is the extended wing play beating the bus, but Barcelona are actually scoring more goals from outside the box (via fcbarcelona).

    Cristian Tello has shown that he can cut in and score from far, as has utility man Adriano. With so many options, Barcelona may have already found a way through a parked bus.

    Only time will tell if Tito Vilanova’s tactics have strengthened Barcelona in the midst of a full defensive strategy. But for now, the team must improve against heavy defensive teams.

    If Barcelona can permanently break down the parked bus, absolutely nothing will be able to stop La Blaugrana en route to the best season in history. 

Help Lionel Messi with the Scoring Load

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    While Lionel Messi may be arguably the greatest player ever to live, that does not mean that Barcelona should put everything on his shoulders. La Blaugrana must find ways to help Messi with the scoring.

    The wingers of Barcelona have suffered from poor form this season and it is starting to force Messi to do too much.

    David Villa, Alexis Sanchez and Pedro have all been struggling to score (via Marca). At least one of these stars must find their shooting boots if Barcelona is to achieve their best season ever.

    Shockingly, Cristian Tello seems the most likely scorer from the wing to this point and may receive more time soon.

    Thankfully, the midfield and defenders have been contributing goals to help out the Argentine.

    Andres Iniesta and Adriano have become serious goal threats this season, while Cesc Fábregas has begun to be a more direct player in the attack.

    But for all the scoring from behind the attack, the wingers must be the ones to step up.

    Lionel Messi has proven that he can carry this team on his back. But the club should not force that to happen. Barcelona is a much better team when Messi is getting help. If merely one winger can step up, it could mean the treble for the Catalans.

Win Big Against Real Madrid

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    There is always one matchup that is circled when the schedule is released, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. Barcelona must win big against Los Blancos to consider this season the best.

    The start of the season saw Real Madrid take the Spanish Supercopa away from Barcelona then draw in the first meeting in the La Liga season at the Camp Nou (via Goal).

    Neither of these results will be looked at as great by Barcelona fans. For all the trophies that could be won this season, blowing out Real Madrid will be the icing on the cake.

    With the poor season Los Blancos are having, it would be the perfect storm for this Barcelona team to steal a huge win in domestic play. Not only would it sink the Real Madrid ship, but it would completely finish off the league.

    There is no denying that La Blaugrana will end May with at least one trophy in hand, but Barca fans everywhere are hoping that Real Madrid will suffer along the way.

    Barcelona must avenge their early loss to Real Madrid with a statement at the Santiago Bernabéu. If they can manage that, this season will be one step closer to history.

Win the Treble

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    Not matter how well Barcelona plays, beating Real Madrid and winning La Liga will not be enough. For this to be Barcelona’s greatest season, the treble must be won.

    That may sound like a bold statement, but they have done it before (via fcbarcelona).

    But Culés should not feel as though it would be a miracle to win the treble. In fact, this current squad has everything it takes to raise three trophies in May.

    It will be extremely difficult, but La Blaugrana are in good positions in all three competitions.

    With the huge lead in La Liga, La Blaugrana may benefit from being able to rest players before key games in both the Champions League and Copa del Rey.

    It may very well be the lead in La Liga that could deliver the treble to Catalonia.

    This Barcelona team is on its way to becoming arguably the best team in history, but that will not be realized if the treble is not won.

    Barca will still have a successful season without winning all three titles, but this season will absolutely end as the greatest ever if the coveted treble is decorated in Blaugrana.


    How can Barcelona finish this season as the best of all time? Can La Blaugrana actually win the treble? Don’t forget to leave you thoughts and comments below.


    Tre’ Atkinson, The Catalan Blood of Bleacher Report.


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