NFL Power Rankings: Ranking Teams After Week 2 and 10 Random Thoughts

Justin Schultz@@JSchu23Correspondent ISeptember 18, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - SEPTEMBER 16:  Head coach Jim Harbaugh of the San Francisco 49ers gives his quarterback Alex Smith a play to run in the second quarter against the Detroit Lions at Candlestick Park on September 16, 2012 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
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Week 2 of the NFL season did not disappoint.

Well, it disappointed Patriots fans, and Saints loyalists are already looking forward to next season. There was controversy in the Giants-Bucs game and Jay Cutler was forced to eat his "good luck" words.

Nonetheless, it was entertaining.

With Denver's loss on Monday Night Football to Atlanta, 27-21, 20 teams will have a record of 1-1. Are there a lot of good teams, or is the NFL full of mediocrity?

Power Rankings

1. San Francisco 49ers

2. Houston Texans

3. Green Bay Packers

4. Atlanta Falcons

5. Philadelphia Eagles

6. New England Patriots

7. Denver Broncos

8. Baltimore Ravens

9. New York Giants

10. Detroit Lions

11. Chicago Bears

12. Pittsburgh Steelers

13. Dallas Cowboys

14. Cincinnati Bengals

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

16. Washington Redskins

17. New Orleans Saints

18. Carolina Panthers

19. San Diego Chargers

20. St. Louis Rams

21. Arizona Cardinals

22. New York Jets

23. Buffalo Bills

24. Seattle Seahawks

25. Tennessee Titans

26. Indianapolis Colts

27. Minnesota Vikings

28. Kansas City Chiefs

29. Miami Dolphins

30. Cleveland Browns

31. Oakland Raiders

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

Here are 10 things I think after Week 2 of the NFL season.

1. Robert Griffin III followed up his terrific start to his career with another fabulous performance against the St. Louis Rams. Even though the Redskins lost the game (insert Josh Morgan curse), RGIII went 20-29 for 206 yards without top-target Pierre Garcon. He's well on his way to Rookie of the Year honors.

2. Reggie Bush has the second-most rushing yards after two weeks. I predicted he would be a top-five rusher, and so far things are looking up. He absolutely ate the Raiders defense. Bush's move to Miami has resurrected his career.

3. The Raiders and Titans should start to worry about Darren McFadden and Chris Johnson. McFadden is averaging a mere 2.1 YPC and Johnson is even worse at 1.1. If McFadden continues to struggle, the Raiders will be lucky to win even three games. The Titans might want to start giving backup running back Javon Ringer more of a look.

4. The Houston Texans have the best defense in the NFL. Granted, Gary Kubiak's team hasn't faced any stiff competition yet, but it has only allowed one offensive touchdown and held the Jaguars to 117 total yards—a team record. The Texans will face their first test next week against Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

5. The New York Jets played like the Jets we know and love. Quarterback controversy is brewing in New York. After a dominating performance over Buffalo in Week 1, Mark Sanchez struggled to find a rhythm against a Steelers defense playing without James Harrison and Troy Polamalu. It's only a matter of time before Tebow supporters demand the removal of Sanchez.

6. When John Skelton returns from his injury, he will be the backup quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. Kevin Kolb led his team to a win over Tom Brady and the Patriots. That alone should earn him the starting job. Kolb threw for two touchdowns without an interception. It looks like Kolb gives Ken Whisenhunt's team the best chance to win.

7. The Philadelphia Eagles will need to limit their turnovers if they want to continue winning. They are 2-0 with a quarterback who has thrown six interceptions in two games. Without their overwhelming and swarming defense, the Eagles would be at the bottom of the NFC East. Michael Vick must make better decisions.

8. Where's Sean Payton when you need him? It turns out the Saints' head coach is more important then people thought. The Saints are on their way to their first losing season since 2007. I guess Drew Brees can't do it all.

9. Lay off Jay Cutler. He bumped one of his offensive linemen. So what? Because of his offensive linemen, Cutler was sacked seven times and hit on what seemed like every play. If Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady pulled a Cutler with their line, the criticism and media criticism wouldn't exist. I support you, Jay.

10. Congratulations to Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck for winning their first NFL games. Luck improved from last week while Wilson showed what he can do without being constantly pressured. At the end of the season, I predict Wilson's Seahawks will come out with more wins than the Colts.


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