Predicting the Miami Heat's Final 12-Man Roster

Joshua Carroll@JoshmaniiiCorrespondent IIAugust 12, 2012

Predicting the Miami Heat's Final 12-Man Roster

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    The Miami Heat may have one of the best Big Three in the league, but it's going to take a solid 12-man roster for them to win it all once again. 

    Many guys are a lock on the roster, since they have already showed what they can bring to the table.

    But there are still those players competing for the last couple roster spots and a chance to play for a contender.

    On top of that, we cannot be sure that Pat Riley is finished making moves until tip-off on opening day.

    That being said, the speculation persists, and I'm here to give you my predictions for the Heat's final 12-man roster, and what you can expect from each guy during the season.

LeBron James

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    I can assure you that LeBron James is not losing any sleep worrying about making the Heat's roster for this upcoming season. 

    The basketball gods are finally smiling on LeBron, and there's no telling what they have in store next for King James.

Dwyane Wade

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    Dwyane Wade is Mr. South Beach himself.  

    Miami Heat with no Flash seems weird, but the thing is, we aren't too far away from just that. 

    Wade will be retiring not too long after Kobe in a couple years. As basketball fans, we've got to make sure we truly cherish and enjoy the last few years of both players' great careers. 

    Wade will continue to be a leader for the Heat during the 2012-2013 season, but it's safe to say, the Heat will go as far as LeBron can take them.

Chris Bosh

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    Chris Bosh's worth shined bright when he was sidelined by an injury during the playoffs. It might have been one of the best things to happen to the Heat during the Big Three era.

    Now, many consider Bosh the key to this Miami Heat team.

    His skill set goes perfectly with that of LeBron and Wade, and he continues to understand his role better and better.

    The thing is, the Heat still have a lot of room for improvement, and it all starts with Bosh being a real threat in the post this season.

Mario Chalmers

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    Mario Chalmers continues to improve each season. He's really become one of the Heat's best draft picks, ever.

    The role he's been assigned in Miami is perfect for him.

    He's always been known as a good defender able to stay in front of both quick and crafty guards. His jump shot is much improved, now knocking the three down on a consistent basis. 

    And most importantly, he's got the swagger and mental toughness to play alongside James, Wade and Bosh.

Shane Battier

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    Shane Battier is the epitome of the perfect role player.

    Battier does all the dirty work, knocks down open shots, yet never complains and rarely gets the recognition he deserves.

    Because of the way he plays, below the rim and on the perimeter, Battier should have a couple of more solid years underneath his belt.

    Surely, the Heat hope so.

Ray Allen

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    The Ray Allen experiment should be an interesting one. 

    The Heat didn't need any more shooters with the return of both Mike Miller and James Jones, but Allen is not just another shooter. 

    He's one of the best of all time.

    This has the potential to go either horribly wrong or come together perfectly.

    Luckily for Allen, it's almost as if the situation he's positioned himself to be in is tailor-made.

    At the end of the day, Miami is going to look to him for one thing and one thing only: to knock down open threes.

Rashard Lewis

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    Rashard Lewis will play a very important role with the Miami Heat, if he can demonstrate the fact that he can play any kind of defense.

    Lewis is tall enough, nearly a seven-footer, to play multiple positions on the floor. He will be able to come in and relieve different guys.

    He's exactly the kind of player Pat Riley and company have fell in love with. They're just hoping Lewis still has enough in the gas tank to contribute on a daily basis.

Joel Anthony

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    Joel Anthony, an undersized center, will ironically be very important for the Heat when they play bigger teams this year.

    Anthony gets off the ground very quickly and has great timing when it comes to blocking shots.

    Last year he started finishing around the basket much better and couldn't be simply left alone on the block. 

    He also runs the floor very well. 

    A smaller, less talented Alonzo Mourning, he'll have to do for the Heat as of now.

Norris Cole

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    Many people feel as though the Heat got a steal with Norris Cole in last year's draft.

    A fearless little guy with a huge heart, Cole stepped down from nobody as a rookie.

    With a year of experience underneath his belt, Cole will continue to develop his game and provide solid backup minutes at the point guard position for the Heat.

Mike Miller

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    Money Mike Miller can get hot from behind the three-point line, to say the least.

    However, although he came up big in the finals against the Thunder, the Heat definitely expected more from him during these past two years.

    I don't blame Miller for coming back, but he's got to realize that Miami has found an upgraded version of him in Ray Allen to step in and shoot the three.

    That being said, Money Mike will get his time to shine again in a couple of games down the stretch. But don't expect to see him in during the last two minutes of big games anymore.

Udonis Haslem

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    Udonis Haslem is definitely coming off a down year. 

    His mid-range shot used to be automatic, and at one point in time, he was a superb post defender.

    Now, one down year does not mean it's over for Haslem. But if he wants to see some consistent time on the court, he needs to be in the gym this offseason getting back to his old ways.

    He's a good leader with the potential to be the head of the bench brigade who just needs to get his groove back. Especially on this Heat team lacking bigs and toughness inside.

Dexter Pittman

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    Dexter Pittman will have himself a spot on the roster based on size alone. Especially in the games where Bosh finds himself in foul trouble.

    Pittman is far from the most skilled or agile big man in the league, but at the end of the day, he's a big body, and sometimes that's all it takes.

    The Heat did draft 7 footer Justin Hamilton from LSU but he will be playing his first year overseas.

    Therefore, Pittman is really the lone true center Miami will have access to. Aside from Juwan Howard (go ahead and chuckle).

    If you haven't heard, the Los Angeles Lakers have recently acquired this guy named Dwight Howard. You know, a pretty decent big man.

    With that trade came Andrew Bynum's move to the 76ers, another big man the Heat have to worry about on an above-average playoff team. 

    Some of the teams Miami is likely to see on their way to a championship are the Pacers, Knicks, Lakers, or Boston

    Each one of those teams has a true seven-footer holding down the paint. Miami has got to have some kind of size on the roster and they will look to Pittman to provide it.