Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard Is the Most Annoying Man in the NBA

Marco Scola@@Marco_ScolaContributor IIIJuly 24, 2012

Dwight Howard has quickly become the most annoying man in basketball
Dwight Howard has quickly become the most annoying man in basketballChris Trotman/Getty Images

In a matter of a year, Dwight Howard has become the source of headaches for SportsCenter viewers across the world. Every day it seems Howard's face pops on the screen with the inevitable headlines:

"Dwight Howard will stay with the Orlando Magic."

"Dwight Howard wants out with the Orlando Magic."

"Dwight Howard loves Stan Van Gundy and the Magic!"

"Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy fired."

"Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando, again."

"Magic are working on a deal with the Brooklyn Nets involving Dwight Howard."

"Dwight Howard really loves Orlando, seriously, maybe, probably"

"Dwight Howard will only play for one team ... but he won't tell, it's a secret."

"Dwight Howard signs an extension with the Orlando Magic!"

"Magic are working on a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers involving Howard."

"Dwight Howard to the Houston Rockets!"


And now the Magic are talking about working out a contract extension with Howard. 

Really? When will this nonsense end?

Is Howard and the Magic really this finicky? Or does the sports media realm really need to check their sources more often? I'm looking at you, Chris Broussard. I think it's both.

Either way, Dwight Howard has become the most annoying player in the NBA. Frankly, nobody should care where he plays at this point, because it seems Howard doesn't want to play basketball at all. And even if the Magic struck a deal with any team, I wouldn't believe it until Howard walked out on the court with said team in November.

The point is, the Dwight Howard Show is worse than the Melodrama, it's five re-runs of "The Decision" and 100 percent annoying. Does Howard not realize how beloved he once was in Orlando? How foolish he looked when he listed off his "checklist of requirements" for his desired destination, which really was just Orlando. But just for fun, let's go through that list:

"I want to play in a warm climate" - Both LA teams, Golden State, Sacramento, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, New Orleans, Phoenix, Miami, Charlotte, Atlanta and ORLANDO.

"I want to be the premier player of my team" - Clippers (arguably), Golden State, Sacramento, Houston, New Orleans, Phoenix, Charlotte, Atlanta and ORLANDO.

"But I also want another big-time player on my team" - Clippers, Phoenix (until Nash left), Atlanta (many pieces but no "premier" player). Down goes Orlando.

"And the team has to not give up everything to get me" - and down goes just about everybody, except, you know ORLANDO who you're ALREADY ON. Sorry for the caps.

I wish Howard would just stop B-S-ing us. He wants to play for Brooklyn or the Lakers. He wasn't, and still isn't happy with the situation in Orlando, for whatever reason, and decided to throw a temper tantrum, which got his coach and GM fired.

By the way, how stupid do the Magic look right now that they dumped their GM and coach to please Howard, and he's still not happy?

I wish the Magic would do something with him, or he just plays out his final year with the Magic then goes wherever he pleases. After all, that's what he wanted, right?

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