Monta Ellis: Why Golden State Warriors Fans Shouldn't Be Upset About Ellis Deal

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IMarch 20, 2012

Last week, Monta Ellis, Kwame Brown, and Ekpe Udoh were tread to the Milwaukee Bucks for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson. However, Jackson was almost immediately traded to the San Antonio Spurs in return for Richard Jefferson and a condition first-round pick.

Golden State Warriors fans quickly voiced there displeasure, claiming that the Warriors ended this season by trading one of the most gifted scorers in the NBA for an injury-prone center. Many fans were also upset over losing Ekpe Udoh, a young center out of Baylor who was really shining in his second year. While this may seem true, the fans should look much deeper into it.

While the Warriors were just a few games out of the playoffs at the time of the trade, they had to jump over five teams just to reach the eighth seed. With the way the Phoenix Suns has been playing, the solid frontcourt of the Utah Jazz and the solid all-around play by the Houston Rockets, it would have been tough for Golden State to squeeze into the playoffs.

This year was certainly not the one for the Warriors, and it was time they began looking towards the future. The two trades made do exactly that.

The first trade was definitely disliked by the majority of Warriors fans. Monta Ellis was a great player for 6.5 years in the Bay Area, and was loved by the entire fan base. However, the backcourt tandem of Ellis and Curry was just not working out. While the two have unquestionable scoring ability, there defense is questionable at best.

The entire Warriors team has suffered from lack of defensive effort and a change was needed, as Mark Jackson has preached defense since day one. Bogut gives them the defensive presence they need, while helping out the rebounding alongside David Lee.

Also, let's not forget the lottery pick in jeopardy of heading to Utah. It was unlikely the Warriors would have finished in the bottom seven with Ellis playing, meaning they would lose a much-needed pick. With the Warriors get a later pick from the Spurs, two first rounds picks would be extremely helpful in adding some depth at the center position.

I'm sorry, but Andris Biedrins is not even solid as a backup, and the Warriors roster lacks successful big men. 

Not to mention, the possibility of Curry being benched for the entire season can help him strengthen his glass ankle. He has the rest of this season, as well as a full offseason to fully heal and strengthen his injury-prone body. Andrew Bogut should do the same, so they can both spend all of next season healthy.

Looking at the Warriors team next year, if healthy, is not bad at all. With a free-agent signing or two (possibly O.J. Mayo), the Warriors team could look well-balanced with Curry, Klay Thompson, Wright or Jefferson, Lee and Bogut. Also, think about the possibility of Brandon Rush returning next season.

Monday's ceremony was destroyed by Warriors fans voicing the displeasure with ownership. Although they are passionate fans, change was needed. This year wasn't our year, and the future is much clearer now.  


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