New York Yankees: 5 Big Trades the Yankees Should Consider

Phillip BrownSenior Analyst IIJanuary 26, 2012

New York Yankees: 5 Big Trades the Yankees Should Consider

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    Everybody keeps throwing out names like Hideki Matsui, Vladimir Guerrero and Johnny Damon when discussing who the New York Yankees' should acquire to help their offense in 2012.

    In the Michael Pineda press conference Brian Cashman said that the trade market will be their “first and foremost” way to find a bat and free agency will be a "secondary" option.

    We could pour over cheap, aging bats on the trade market but what's the fun in that? Why not go big? These are the Yankees and they have surprised us before.

David Wright

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    The New York Mets are a declining team that will be looking to deal their star players in order to save money. Carlos Beltran was already traded to San Francisco, is David Wright next?

    David Wright is going to be expensive to acquire but his large contract—two years and $39 million—paired with his bad 2011 season—.254 BA, 14 HR, 61 RBI in 102 gameswill lower his price tag.

    The Mets also have highly-touted third base prospect Wilmer Flores, who could take Wright's place within a couple years. Eduardo Nunez would be the perfect compliment to Flores at shortstop, especially after the departure of Jose Reyes.

    Wright will not directly fill the hole at DH but he will move to third base, allowing Alex Rodriguez to become the full-time DH.

    Rodriguez should become a much better hitter because he will not have to play defense and Wright's bat will be a welcome addition to the Yankees' lineup.

    Potential Trade:

    Yankees Get: David Wright

    Mets Get: Dellin Betances and Eduardo Nunez

Domonic Brown

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    It was speculated (here and here) this offseason that the Yankees would swap Dellin Betances for Domonic Brown as part of a three-team Hunter Pence trade. That deal did not happen but that did show that the Yankees might be interested in Brown.

    Domonic Brown is a highly touted outfield prospect for the Philadelphia Phillies but he is blocked by John Mayberry, Jr and Hunter Pence in the Phillies' outfield.

    The Phillies have great pitchers, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Vance Worley and Trevor May, so they might not be interested in Betances but a deal could be made.

    The Phillies would like a player who could play first base in place of Ryan Howard without losing a lot of offense, Wigginton and Thome are nice bench pieces but they are not everyday first basemen. They would also want some young pieces to help improve their bullpen.

    Potential Trade:

    Yankees Get: Dominic Brown

    Phillies Get: Nick Swisher, Phil Hughes and a mid-level prospect

Jason Heyward

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    Why would the Braves trade Jason Heyward?

    Yes, he had a huge sophomore slump but he has incredible potential.

    The deal would need to be huge for the Braves to give up their top young slugger but it would be worth it for the Yankees. Not only is he a power hitting lefty who could launch bomb after bomb over the right field wall but he would also be the long term answer in right field.

    The Braves would first need an immediate replacement for Heyward, then they would want a young high-upside outfielder, a young infielder and a couple top arms.

    Eduardo Nunez is a must in this trade ever since the Braves were reportedly interested in him, then the Yankees must give up one of the Killer B's and another pitcher to create the framework of the trade.

    The Braves already have one of the best groups of young arms in the majors so why would they trade their big bat for more? Pitching prospects do not have the best hit rate, so the more the better and the worst case scenario is that they turn around and trade them.

    The Mariners set the bar for what a big young bat would cost, so what would it take to get Heyward?

    Potential Trade:

    Yankees Get: Jason Heyward

    Braves Get: Dellin Betances, Phil Hughes, Eduardo Nunez, Nick Swisher and Ravel Santana

Billy Butler

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    It was rumored that the New York Yankees were talking to the Kansas City Royals regarding their young DH.

    It makes sense; the Yankees need a DH and Billy Butler is the Royals highest paid player with three-years and $24 million, with a $12.5 million club option ($1 million buyout), left on his deal.

    The Royals cannot afford to have their highest paid player be a DH, especially when they have 26-year-old slugger Clint Robinson crushing the competition down in Triple-A.

    The Royals will want a young, cheap major league-ready arm that can help anchor their rotation.

    The Royals will probably trade Butler and the sooner the better, due to his contract.

    Potential Trade:

    Yankees Get: Billy Butler

    Royals Get: Phil Hughes and mid-level prospect

Mark Trumbo

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    After the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim signed Albert Pujols it was almost certain that Kendrys Morales or Mark Trumbo would be traded.

    Morales' stock has never been lower due to his gruesome ankle injury so Trumbo is the likely odd man out, with Morales likely becoming the Angels' DH.

    Trumbo has more power than Billy Butler, even as a rookie, but he is a much worse overall hitter.

    Trumbo strikes out a lot, barely ever walks and does not have great contact skills. Yes, that is not a good sign but he was a rookie and he will probably hit 35 home runs in Yankee Stadium after hitting 29 in 2011.

    Due to this, Trumbo will likely cost about the same as Butler. The Angels need bullpen help and the Yankees have some arms that could be helpful in 2012.

    Potential Trade:

    Yankees Get: Mark Trumbo

    Angels Get: Phil Hughes and Adam Warren 


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