Wayne Rooney Scandal: Simon Cowell to Make Coleen New Cheryl Cole

Isaac Asante@isaacasanteCorrespondent IISeptember 9, 2010

Wayne Rooney Scandal: Simon Cowell to Make Coleen New Cheryl Cole

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    Wayne Rooney’s scandal with Jenny Thompson might have brought the idea of divorce into Coleen Rooney’s mind, but all is not over for the WAG.

    Cheryl Cole’s pal Simon Cowell has somehow shown interest in turning her into the new "sweetheart" of his shows. This sounds quite odd, doesn’t it?

    Nothing has been explicitly and publicly confirmed by the television producer, yet it could turn out to be a great opportunity for the heartbroken Coleen Rooney (McLoughlin), who presently possesses a wealth around the amount of 10 million pounds.

    PR guru Max Clifford, the man behind this rumor, revealed that nothing was left to worry about on the side of Coleen, as Cowell was promising her a bright future if ever she divorced her unfaithful Wayne.

    "I spoke with Simon at length about Coleen and he agreed she has a big future if she remains alone,” said Clifford according to the Daily Mirror.

    "He mentioned her and said he could put a fair bit of work on her way.

    "She has a good image of her own now and I think many people, especially women, would sympathize if she does decide to divorce Wayne Rooney. She really could make millions from TV, media and sponsorship.

    "She is a well-liked, popular, attractive girl. Provided she is carefully handled, she could easily make 10 million pounds in five years. And that's a conservative estimate."

Coleen: Wealth Vs. Wayne Rooney

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    Coleen Rooney and Wayne Rooney (Picture)

    Anyway, all this yarn simply seems to favor Coleen financially; but for certain, the WAG’s concern are currently well above the business profit that she could soon make.

    Peculiarly, the fact that such an offer from Simon Cowell came under a vital condition could push the 24-year-old model to divorce Wayne quicker than expected.

    At this point, one might think that Coleen is forced to make a choice between wealth and the love of her life, but the situation is not truly so.

    In fact, the young mother’s picking is more between wealth and an unfaithful, careless man. Ironically, a divorce could see the betrayed icon earn half of Wayne’s 33-million-pound fortune.

    Many supporters of the cheating scandal-maker have lately regarded the wife of star player Rooney as a "duping, greedy, and heartless woman." Coleen is said to have overfed herself with her husband’s vast wealth, and she is even accused of using her husband’s infidelity to escape from her relationship so as to run away with much deeper riches than before.

    Can such strong accusations be justified? If yes, then very hardly, and those sustaining such ideas unquestionably need strong evidence to convert their impressions into convincing assumptions.

Coleen: Marriage or Divorce?

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    Coleen Rooney with a scarf on her wedding ring hand goes out after the scandal of Wayne Rooney (Picture)

    Despite many backing Kai’s mother to immediately divorce her unfaithful husband, the family of Coleen has revealed that the broken lady will not make any premature decision in order not to regret anything in the future.

    Though the WAG was anticipated to stay hidden in her parents’ home for long, the Mirror reported that the famous columnist was seen out on Tuesday for the first time since she fled to her family’s house owing to Wayne Rooney’s scandal.

    However, Coleen appeared to discard any speculation over the future of her marriage utterly by covering her wedding ring finger with a scarf. While nothing proves that the TV presenter was keeping her left hand’s jewel out of sight, fans of the saga obviously have the full right to think that at least this is the effect she was trying to make.

    According to a watcher who eventually got questioned by the Mirror, Coleen—who wore a loose jacket, tight blue jeans, a gold chain, and large diamond stud earrings—looked sparkling and did not seem too overpowered by the sad circumstances weighing on her.

    "She looked fantastic considering what she has been through," read one of the onlooker’s quotes on the English newspaper’s website.

    "Wayne (Rooney) must be sick at the thought of losing her. She must have had a few sleepless nights, but she still looked fantastic."

    Coleen was apparently on her way to spend some time with her sister Rosie, a 12-year-old girl suffering from genetic neurological disorder who attended her wedding.

Wayne Rooney: Attacked!

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    Coleen Rooney in the street ahead of Wayne (Picture)

    Yes, there will always be supporters to encourage Wayne Rooney even if he appears to be in the wrong as per reports on the scandal; but of course, a large majority of the public has sided with his cheated wife.

    Natalie, Wayne’s cousin, wrote on her Facebook page as indicated by the Telegraph, "He pays for it (activity with prostitutes). Lost all my respect for him now!"

    This visibly shows how hugely the pressure is mounting around the player, for sure. But Roo has much more to face in subsequent days, with his wife’s parents ready to make things more direct.

    A friend of the family who spoke to the Mirror declared, "They (Coleen’s family members) will all stick together and Wayne will be in for a rough ride when he faces her mum and dad and brothers.”

    Now in addition to the pressure adds the pain...not forgetting the sorrow. The English news publishers wrote that a source close to the couple made a confession on behalf of the No. 10 Manchester United forward.

    “Wayne initially told Coleen to get over it,” the source reminded. “But as the headlines have piled up, he realizes the hurt he has caused not only to her but to the whole family. He wants to do the right thing.”

    Almost anyone fearing the consequences in such a confusing moment in life would want to go for the right choices at the right time, but is Wayne now coming back home in the right direction? Again the Mirror’s website stated that Rooney engaged himself in a long arguing conversation with Coleen after his return from Switzerland for the Euro 2012 Qualifiers. (Video Highlights of Wayne Rooney vs. Switzerland)

    The 45-minute phone call was probably one of the most disturbing calls for the couple ever, but it was worth making it, at least for the sake of baby Kai, presently 10 months old. An article on Mirror.co.uk publicized that the furious Coleen shouted, “You’ve been such a fool!”

    The same website added that a friend, who agreed to describe the conversation in a few words, said, “It was a long painful talk; the first of many they will be having.”

    Nonetheless, another insider emphasized Rooney’s confidence to save his marriage, explaining, “He knows he has been a mug, but thinks he can fix the marriage. The last thing he wants is a divorce...he is desperate to avoid that.”

    As expected after the tearful phone call, the next idea in Wayne’s mind was flowers. Unfortunately, although Wazza was seen taking a bouquet to Coleen, who was then alone in her family’s mansion, there is currently no confirmation that the couple met each other face to face for the first time since hooker Jenny Thompson’s revelation.

    Still, apologies do not seem enough for the ace to get welcomed back in his wife’s family. A friend of Coleen told Mirror.co.uk, “This has come like a bolt from the blue, and it is hard to appreciate just what an impact it has had on her. She (Coleen) does not know what to do for the best.

    “But her family (parents and brothers) has made it clear what they think. They are furious that he (Wayne Rooney) could put her through this.”

    What is worse for the forward is that next to his tough time yesterday, someone else is now waiting to make a personal attack: coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

    The Manchester United manager, who has been struggling with loads of obstacles, is reported to be excessively angry with his striker for his cheating scandal. A pal of the coach spoke to journalists on the Mirror, affirming, "Ferguson was fuming to read about all this.

    "He would normally read any of his players the riot act but he knows because of the ­circumstances this is not the time for something like that.

    "First of all, he will make sure Wayne (Rooney) is looked after and he will give him his complete support.

    "But he will make it clear that he has been a fool and can’t act this way if he wants a career at Manchester United.”

Jenny's Parents Apologize to Coleen

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    Jennifer Thompson known as Jenny. The hooker who set up Wayne Rooney's scandal (Picture)

    Well, enough said about Wayne and Coleen—what about the hooker Jenny? What is going on with her?

    The prostitute gave an explicit interview days ago about her relationship with the talisman while his wife was pregnant, but in view of the miserable state of the deceived 24-year-old woman, Jennifer’s parents have decided to apologize to the WAG.

    Hamish and Dana Thompson’s apologies on the Telegraph read as follows (edited): "Following the various newspaper articles concerning our daughter Jennifer, we would like to offer our most sincere apologies to Coleen Rooney and her family.

    "This may sound somewhat hollow, but my wife and I would never condone what has or may have happened."

    The Thompsons, who were late to know about the scandal due to their holiday trip, continued:

    ''We had absolutely no idea about any of the allegations and claims that have been made (by the media or people involved). Following this statement, we will not discuss the current situation further (moving forward).

    "The last few days have been extremely trying for us, and our family. Jennifer (Jenny) is our daughter and we love her and we will deal with this matter as a family, not via the media.

    "We would appreciate greatly if we could be afforded a degree of privacy and time in which we can gain a better understanding of the situation.

    "We would also like to make it clear that we are not interested in being interviewed by any newspaper or magazine; no matter what offer has or may be made.

    "This is also true of Jenny's three brothers (Alexander, Charlie, and Max), and other members of our family. We will not be answering any question from this point forward."

    Well, whether Jenny troubled Coleen by influence or intentionally, it is clear that she contributed in destroying what could have been a happy relationship. From another point of view, she certainly unlocked the gates of great wealth for the woman who now has chances of becoming the "New Cheryl Cole." Yet as deeply as the story has been covered so far, getting richer in such a bitter manner has never been Coleen’s wish.

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