Wayne Rooney Scandal With Jenny: Will Coleen Divorce Cheating Husband?

Isaac AsanteCorrespondent IISeptember 7, 2010

Wayne Rooney Scandal With Jenny: Will Coleen Divorce Cheating Husband?

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    Coleen Rooney and Wayne Rooney at their wedding (Picture)

    Wayne Rooney’s cheating scandal with hooker Jenny Thompson harshly hit Coleen Rooney’s heart. The England striker who is set to face Switzerland later today is reported to have jumped into an immoral relationship with Jenny, 21, after they met last year in June at the Manchester 235 Casino.

    From that time, texts messages between the young girl and the football icon did not stop piling up. Following meetings invisibly kept destroying what was previously looked upon as the “unbreakable link” between Wayne and Coleen Rooney. At that point in time, the Red Devil’s wife was well pregnant of Kai, now 10 months old.

    It was in fact the “happy couple” image of the Rooneys which convinced giant sponsors to enhance Wazza’s financial status. Yet, subsequent to the appetizing news that has recently taken over the football audience, Wayne might not only lose the respect he had previously earned from the public, but also his one and only true friend, originally known by the name of Coleen McLoughlin.

How Coleen heard about Wayne’s Cheating Confession

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    Hooker Jenny shares Wayne Rooney... Coleen's marriage transforms into a nightmare (Photo Montage made by author Isaac Asante)

    According to the Mirror, the forward is likely to have texted his “faithful” wife Coleen just as he realized that his “hidden” scandal was about to be published by the Sunday Mirror. Obviously, after hearing the painful humiliation, Coleen got distraught. Nevertheless, it was not the news alone which turned her into broken pieces, but the way in which her husband confessed his secrets with Jenny.

    “These things (cheating) happen. Deal with it… move on,” said the forward as per The Mirror.

    These haunting words from a heartless Wayne were enough for the TV presenter to break in tears. Furthermore, the thought of a possible amount of undiscovered women having shared her man adds to her already-unbearable trouble.

    “She is beside herself at the thought of any more (girl) coming out of the woodwork,” a source close to the young mother told the English Newspaper. “She (Coleen Rooney) just prays she is mistaken.”

    While Wayne seems to focus wholly on his Euro 2012 Qualifying game against Switzerland, Coleen is still in her family’s home in Huyton, Merseyside; the place where she fled for comfort and advice immediately after she was heavily shocked.

Wayne Rooney Cheats On Coleen: Family Reaction

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    Liar... Wayne Rooney betrays Coleen with hooker Jenny (Picture)

    The protective mother of the model, 48, is said to be sad and enraged, as she keeps making efforts to give her heartbroken daughter the comfort that she needs. Tony, Coleen’s father, is not less hurt.

    “He is never, ever setting foot in this house again,” he declared while he made his son-in-law’s family home ban an official issue, according to The Sun. Surely, the case is no different for Coleen’s brothers Anthony and Joe, who now dislike the Manchester United No.10 talisman for the alleged harm he did to their sister.

    A friend of the family told The Mirror: “They (Coleen’s family members) are angry. Who wouldn’t be after what he (Wayne Rooney) is said to have done? Her mum and dad are furious; their daughter’s been made a fool of again.”

    Surprisingly but understandably, Wayne’s own relatives backed the betrayed wife to divorce the superstar. As written by the English press, Cousin Natalie Rooney–who shares the same age as hooker Jennifer Thompson–directly told Coleen: “Bag him, and bin him. You deserve a million times better… not someone who does this to you and treats you like dirt while he is out sleeping with dirt. He must have more money than sense; he is a disgrace.”

Wayne Rooney Unforgiven: Is the Divorce Underway?

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    Wayne Rooney and Coleen Rooney at their wedding... now a moment of the past (Picture)

    Just like with any other scandal, related stories and reports keep changing tones. While Wayne was believed to be striving to save his marriage in the first place, new gossips have been flowing. The latter affirms that the soccer star is absolutely unconcerned about the consequences of his cheating activities with hooker Jenny Thompson on his relationship with Coleen Rooney.

    As per one of Wazza’s friends who had his quote published on The Hollywood Gossip, the England playmaker initially regretted his nasty doings as he confessed with his own mouth: “My life is in ruins, I have been so stupid. Coleen won’t forgive me this time… she will leave me.”

    Another friend quoted by The Sun added: "Wayne's mood grew very sorrowful… he did what any man would do in a crisis. He ordered cold beers, but players are not supposed to order booze to their rooms. (Coach) Fabio Capello had ordered such requests must be approved."

    Indeed, there are not many reasons to believe that Coleen will welcome back in her harms the man she once regarded as the “love of her life”. Nonetheless, another source close to her stated that the WAG will not rush in making any crucial decision over her almost-fractured marriage.

    “She’s a woman of her own and she has been through this before,” the source said as indicated by The Mirror.

    “But she is much stronger and worldly-wise now, and she will not be taking any decision lightly. She is angry and feels badly let down, but she won’t be rushed into making any decisions.”

    Truthfully, the situation looks somewhat more brutal than many think it is. Hence, the occurrence of a break-up will be more an anticipation than another scandal. An additional source interviewed by The Sun decided to go more into details and emphasized on Coleen’s anger, saying: “Coleen screamed at him: ‘How you can do this to me when I'm pregnant, the mother of your son?'

    "She's asking herself, 'What else has he been doing (then)?' The trust’s gone and it has shattered her confidence. She’s wondering, 'What's wrong with me? Am I too ugly?'

    "The chances of the marriage surviving are 50-50, at best.”

    In view of the awful proceedings of the whole story and considering Wazza’s previous betrayal years ago, the chances of the marriage surviving appear to be much less than 50%. This fact was confirmed by an insider who explained on the same newspaper: "It took a lot for them (parents of Coleen) to forgive him (Wayne) last time. But this time Wayne and Coleen are married and it is adultery, which they absolutely won't accept.”

    "The fact that it (the cheating) happened when Coleen was pregnant has left everyone sickened.”

    Followers of the saga can only speculate over the end of the story, while fervent fans of the England national side will be hoping that Rooney’s personal problem will not affect his performance and the team against Switzerland in their second match of the UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifiers.

    So far, things does not seem to go on a positive note. On the word of MTV, a pal of the Man United player even spat out the star’s deepest thoughts, telling reporters: “Wayne is not prepared to take any s*** off the wife or her family. Seems he thinks he can pretty much do what the hell he likes because they’d all be nothing without him.”

    But whether true or false, such a confession should not really disappoint Coleen who purportedly told Wayne Rooney after his affairs with Jenny: “I don’t need you anymore!”

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