Wayne Rooney Scandal: More on Coleen, Cheryl Cole, Kerry Katona, And Coca Cola

Isaac Asante@isaacasanteCorrespondent IISeptember 15, 2010

Wayne Rooney Scandal: More on Coleen, Cheryl Cole, Kerry Katona, And Coca Cola

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    Not too innocent... Coleen and scandal-man Wayne Rooney (Picture)

    Wayne Rooney’s scandal saga continues, with further reports on Coleen and hooker Jenny. Now, idols Cheryl Cole and Kerry Katona have also joined the story, while a divorce seems less likely to take place.
    Everything started when 21-year-old Jenny Thompson revealed details about her secret relationship with the Manchester United striker, who is said to have rushed to send his wife a confessing text message before his scandal was exposed in the English newspapers.

    What made the scandal gossip even more alarming was the fact that it began whilst faithful wife Coleen was pregnant of baby Kai. Therefore, following ensuing critics and pressure from the press and news readers, the parents Thompson and hooker Juci Jeni–as she he also known–“had to” apologize to the betrayed wife.

    Well apparently, Wayne Rooney has also been striving to save his marriage so as to avoid the painful consequences of a possible divorce. Luckily for him, as a result of his “sincere” efforts, things have appeared to get better than expected, with the idea of a divorce fading out in Coleen’s mind.

    Rooney, who was dropped by coach Alex Ferguson from Manchester United’s starting line-up against Everton in the Premier League on September 11, still has quite a lot of work to do if ever he is willing to meet Coleen’s demands and stay by the sides of his baby boy Kai–now 10 months old. Can he find the target this time, and remain a member of the McLoughlin family?

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Coleen: Sick Sister Rosie Vs Wayne Rooney

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    Wayne Rooney Scandal; Coleen Rooney outdoors (Pictures)

    Yes, losing something or someone extremely important is never an easy thing; but in Coleen Rooney’s case, support and advices opposing her true desires made things much more complicated than they should have been.

    Dump him! He is a disgrace!

    This instruction from members of Rooney’s family certainly kept bouncing in Coleen’s mind. Just as PR guru Max Clifford affirmed, this is an act many women would have carried out in her place, especially considering the fact that the Wayne-Jenny scandal was not the first one in the female star’s relationship with the footballer.

    Although going for a divorce would have seemed obvious and right for many, the Catholic-raised mother opted not to decide anything precipitately out of anger and grief. Sticking to her own words, Coleen remained silent over her marriage’s status anytime she had to deal with the press.

    The Daily Mail reported that she told her husband to put on hold their marital trouble in order to leave her with the opportunity of concentrating on other personal problems, of which the priority was the physical condition of her ill sister Rosie. The 12-year-old suffering from a brain disorder is believed to have been hit by a stroke recently, which has caused Coleen and her parents to temporarily brush away the scandal and stay by the sides of the little girl.

    Speaking of the inward sorrow of the young wife, a friend speaking to the Daily Mail said:  “Poor Coleen is in absolute turmoil (at the moment). She knows it will take a lot of time to work things out with Wayne (Rooney), and she has an awful lot of thinking to do.

    “But with Rosie in such a bad away, she (Rosie) has to be her priority. Obviously she is thinking about Wayne too, but Rosie has to come first.

    “This has all happened at the worst possible time; but Coleen’s coping with it. We all know she is a strong person…she had to be the last time (when) there were stories about Wayne seeing prostitutes, but this has really impressed her family and friends.

    “Wayne (Rooney) is desperate for things to get back to normal with Coleen, but he knows how close she is to Rosie.

    “He has known her since she was tiny and in normal circumstances he would have been at the hospital with the family. But at the moment even if Coleen wanted him there, her parents certainly don't.

    “They think she's mad to consider forgiving him and it will be a long time before they are all sitting down to Sunday lunch together.”

Coleen Gives Wayne “ONE LAST CHANCE”

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    Wayne Rooney Scandal: Coleen in an expensive dress (Picture)

    Clearly, the McLoughlin family is mad against Wayne for his unfaithfulness at a time when his wife, then pregnant, needed his love the most. Yet, as a mature woman, Coleen definitely knows what she wants; and her parents’ anger against her husband did not stop her from forgiving the Manchester United forward.

    Of course, it took time for Wayne to feel once again the care that his wife had once poured upon him abundantly. But what mattered in the end was the final decision of his wife. Her final decision was:  to forgive.

    Forgiving is already a huge step in direction of a happy life for the couple, but what about “forgetting”? Even though Coleen is said to have told friends that she could not live without her husband, she is certainly not ready for this step yet…

    “One more girl, Wayne, and we're finished,” she warned him according to The Sun.

    A source close to the 24-year-old columnist spoke to the Daily Mail, saying: "Coleen has told him (that) if it ever happens again that will be it. (It will be) the end of the marriage."

    The source briefly highlighted the most important condition on which Rooney had to dwell: “It will mean an end to his nights out with the lads for a long time to come, and (it) is a chance to rebuild the trust they once had. He has told her it was all a terrible mistake, and he has learned his lesson.”

    According to The Sun, Coleen was seen returning to the couple’s £4million mansion in Cheshire with her clothes and baby Kai in the back of her Range Rover at 12:33pm (UK time) on Monday. Her husband then joined her moments later, and for the first time since the scandal got publicized, the couple spent the night together under the same roof.

Cheryl Cole and Kerry Katona Have Their Say

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    Wayne Rooney Scandal: Cheryl Cole and Kerry Katona

    So, now the tension between Wayne Rooney and his disappointed wife has seemingly cooled down; but all of this is partly due to the support that the WAG received while she was in distress. A news article on The Sun revealed that the X Factor idol and female singer Cheryl Cole had jumped into the saga by sending strong words to Coleen through a text message. It appeared to be a short SMS to which Wayne’s wife only replied "xxxxxx".

    A source told the newspaper: “Cheryl and Coleen are close friends and (they) text and phone each other regularly, even though they live a long way apart.

    "Cheryl's latest text was very short, but she made it clear she was thinking of Coleen and (that she) understood what she was going through. Coleen was really pleased and showed it (SMS) to a few friends. No one understands better than Cheryl what it is like to be in that situation.

    "She hasn't offered any advice or suggested what Coleen should do. She just wanted her to feel less alone."

    Cheryl Cole also had to endure a cheating scandal in February earlier this year when Chelsea player Ashley Cole—then her husband—was accused of being unfaithful. Nevertheless, after the accusations proved to be true, consequences were just too unbearable for Cheryl to remain as the wife of the defender.

    Meanwhile, singer Kerry Katona has also expressed her opinion on Wayne Rooney’s scandal story, but she exposed her thoughts in a much more direct manner. As indicated by The Celebrity Channel, Kerry said:  “It's absolutely disgusting what Wayne Rooney has allegedly been up to.”

    "It's really hard for Coleen because they've got a kid and that family brand. But you shouldn't put up with that.”

    Katona declared that she would never advice Coleen to divorce her cheating husband; but referring to her own experience in life, she added: “I'd rather be happy and single and respect myself, than be in a miserable marriage where you get walked all over and put up with so much.”

Hooker Jenny Justifies Cheating

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    Hooker Jenny Thompson aka Juci Jeni (Picture)

    In reality, almost no one would have hoped to be at the place of the hooker behind the scandal. Nonetheless, Jenny seems to cope quite well with the present circumstances, and although she had previously apologized to Coleen for weakening her marriage with Wayne Rooney; the prostitute was quick in justifying herself and her act. At first, Jenny stated: “I am very sorry for my part in this (cheating scandal).

    "It is a horrible thing to learn your husband has cheated on you, particularly when you're pregnant. I have so much sympathy for her (Coleen)."

    However, she thought it would be much better for her to spit everything out now rather than later. Hence, she blamed her act on Rooney by explaining:

    “He (Wayne Rooney) always gets what he wants by throwing his money around. It is nothing to him to throw £200 at a hotel concierge to go out and get him a packet of cigarettes and similarly, it means nothing to him to pay £1,200 for a girl.

    "When young girls see that kind of money being flashed around, it’s obviously attractive to them. There’s glitz and glamour. There are people happily spending £500 on a bottle of champagne…it's a very enticing lifestyle. It's a wannabe lifestyle.”

Rooney Gains Coleen, Loses Coca Cola

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    Wayne Rooney during an advert for Coca Cola (Picture)

    Wayne Rooney can now smile at the thought of his dear wife Coleen coming back home, although he still has much to prove as his quest for her full trust goes on. This is one issue in his private life, but on the business side of his career, things do not look to go so well; with sponsors Coca Cola ready to drop him from their advertising project.

    Executives at the U.S headquarters are reported to be angry over Wayne Rooney’s scandal with prostitutes, and they have consequently asked Coca Cola’s office in London to break their deal with the player. The striker currently earns £100,000 a week at Manchester United, with a further £2.5million per year coming from four major sponsors. Coca Cola have played a leading role in the building of Rooney’s financial status, and their departure from his business life could greatly affect him.

    “Americans cannot fathom the laddish culture that surrounds football and are bewildered by his behavior,” a source was quoted saying by the Daily Mail.

    Nigel Currie from Brand Rapport clarified the issue better for the newspaper: “[…] The Rooney story doesn’t seem likely to disappear,” he asserted.

    “He’s such a big name—and his wife is, too—and it is all said to have happened when she was pregnant with their son. A lot of Rooney’s sponsors are pushing family-orientated products.

    “If this goes on for much longer, I would not be surprised if his sponsors say enough is enough.”
    Brand expert Chris Lightfoot also talked to the newspaper about Rooney’s chances of losing his sponsors Coca Cola. He explicated: “When it starts to get murky, there is inevitable damage to the brand and the business. (Then) sponsors pull away.”

    In the long run, despite the fact that Coleen has forgiven the No.10 Manchester United striker, it is not an absolute victory for Wayne Rooney, who seems to win back something he lost in exchange of another thing of great value…obviously less important though. Now, it will be up to Rooney to prove that he is a responsible man, capable of caring for his family, and capable of keeping his sponsors. Will he succeed in his task? The answer is likely to be revealed in subsequent reports of the Wayne Rooney scandal.

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