World Football's Biggest Fails of the Week

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterJune 5, 2012

World Football's Biggest Fails of the Week

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    What do you get when you put Mario Balotelli in a group photo?

    Shenanigans. Hilarious, hysterical shenanigans—and an entry in B/R's list of World Football's Biggest Fails of the Week.

    Magical Mario isn't alone, however. This week we have fails from England, France, England again, Bosnia and England once again.

    Keep reading for all the fun.

How's That Smell, Patrice?

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    Want to see a footballer smelling an article of clothing that he just pulled out of his bum milliseconds earlier?

    You're welcome.

    And by the way, that's just disgusting, Monsieur Evra.

    (h/t Les Cahiers du Football)

More Trouble for Joey

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    Once the season starts, QPR midfielder Joey Barton will serve a 12-match ban for his role in the mayhem at Man City last month.

    But is that enough for our pal Joseph? Heck no.

    Barton was arrested Monday for his role in an incident outside a Liverpool nightclub.

    Ever the eager tweeter, here's what Barton had to say about the whole affair—before his arrest, that is.

    Can I just say a public thanks to the police last night as they were and have been today brilliant.

    — Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) June 4, 2012

Offensive Defending

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    Life is tough for defenders sometimes.

    All those prima donna forwards get all the glory for scoring all the goals, and all the defenders get is jack squat.

    If only there were a way for a defender to gain more recognition on the pitch.

    Ah, but there is, as Bosnian defender Stojan Vranjes proved in an international friendly against Mexico last week.

    With this glorious overhead kick, Vranjes set up Mexico's winning goal in second-half stoppage time.

    Wait, what's that now?

Holt Can't Spell

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    Footballers aren't necessarily the brightest fellas out there. But that's OK; they have loads of money.

    Still, it's funny (or, well, kinda sad) when a grown man appears so close to illiterate.

    In this case, the man happens to be football forward Grant Holt, who seems to be angling for a move away from Norwich City this summer (despite the words of Norwich chief executive David McNally).

    From Twitter:

    I have loved my 3 years at the club and it sadness me to right this but want use to here it from me first. #lovedmytime

    — grant holt (@holty30) June 1, 2012

    Thus English grammar teachers across the world shed a tear.

Nautical Liverpool

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    This is the new Liverpool away kit.

    It's supposedly an homage to the club's early days, when their shirts in turn paid homage to the city's sailors and docks with nautical-themed shoulder yokes.

    In this day and age, though, this just looks silly.

    Or is it a wetsuit? The front of a medieval cloak?

Slap to the Face

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    B/R World Football Lead Writer Will Tidey is a prophet.

    Last week, Will wrote that Manchester City's Mario Balotelli would be Euro 2012's most entertaining player.

    As this video shows, he's off to a spectacular start.