WWE Money in the Bank: 10 Reasons Brie Bella Can Take WWE Title from Kelly Kelly

Justin Welton@JustinWeltonAnalyst IIJuly 11, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank: 10 Reasons Brie Bella Can Take WWE Title from Kelly Kelly

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    The Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly have had a rivalry for a while now. What's a rivalry if one person always wins? There isn't one. This rivalry has seen both competitors defeat each other.

    "Money in the Bank" has a pretty good card and this WWE Divas match helps out with its storyline, history and championship value.

    Following are the 10 reasons why Brie Bella can take the WWE title from Kelly Kelly.

10. Reliable Help

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    We all know that Brie Bella will have her sister, Nikki Bella, by her side, but who will Kelly Kelly have? If she does have somebody, how much can they be trusted? Can she honestly trust Eve?

    Nikki will play a major factor in this match. Unless the WWE has Nikki turn on Brie—which could happen in the near future—the Bella's will have the advantage there.

9. Pressure Is on Kelly Kelly

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    She is finally the WWE women's champion, giving her added pressure in every single match she participates in.

    Does the WWE Universe think that she is a deserving WWE champion? I personally don't believe so.

    The pressure rests on the champion in these matches. The champion has much more to lose.

8. Eve May Turn on Kelly Kelly

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    Eve may play a different role in this match than expected. Could she turn on Kelly Kelly to screw her over? I think so.

    That could start a whole new feud between the divas.

    Watch out for Eve!

7. Ego Crazy Twins

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    It seemed like when Brie Bella won the title the twins' ego sky-rocketed to another level.

    Even after Brie lost to Kelly Kelly on Monday Night Raw, the ego was there, but they had nothing to show for it.

    Winning a championship gives you "swag," and they know all about having that.

6. Payback from Monday Night Raw Loss to Kelly Kelly

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    Brie Bella held the WWE Championship for a little over two months before losing to Kelly Kelly on Monday Night Raw.

    It was on Raw's "Power to the People" episode. 53 percent of the fans voted for Kelly Kelly to be Brie's opponent.

    She utilized her opportunity, capturing WWE gold for the first time in her career.

5. Bella Twins Will Do Whatever It Takes

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    If we have noticed anything in the past few months, it must be how the Bella Twins will do anything for a victory, right?

    Playing by the rules won't be an option for these two come "Money in the Bank." Expect a little outside help from Nikki in this one.

4. Brie Is a Better Wrestler Than Kelly Kelly

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    This, of course, is my opinion, but I really believe that Brie Bella is much better than Kelly Kelly in the ring. Actually, I don't really think this is true because of Brie, but because of Kelly Kelly. I think she is poor, at best.

    Brie should be able to control the match for the most part. Can she finish? That is the question.

3. Nikki Bella

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    A little outside help never hurts in a championship title match, and Brie has her sister to back her up. Nikki and Brie have proven that they will do whatever it takes to get to the top.

    Nikki will play some type of role in the outcome. But, could her own ego take over to turn on Brie?

2. Kelly Kelly Is an Inexperienced Champion

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    Kelly Kelly doesn't have the experience needed in a title match at a pay-per-view. Not to mention that there may be outside help from Nikki Bella. That will force her to keep her eyes in and outside the ring.

    Her first real test will be at "Money in the Bank." Will her inexperience hurt her?

1. Brie Has Defeated Kelly Kelly Before

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    Brie Bella defeated Kelly Kelly at WWE's "Over the Limit" pay-per-view. She knows what it takes to beat her.

    She will also have Nikki Bella by her side, a duo that will do anything to secure victory. Her experience of defeating Kelly Kelly will benefit her greatly at "Money in the Bank." Her wrestling ability is much better than her opponent, so she should be in control for most of the match.