1. Dianna Russini @diannaESPN

    Hopping on NFL Live now to talk about the Patriots injuries #texans #patriots ESPN now

  2. Colts Draft E.J. Speed at No. 164

    NFL Draft @NFLDraft

    Round 5, No. 164 overall: #Colts select Tarleton State's E.J. Speed #NFLDraft


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  4. Dianna Russini @diannaESPN

    Patriots injury updates #Texans #Patriots https://t.co/G0OGnyAGQh

  5. Dianna Russini @diannaESPN

    What does Bill Belichick think of rookie Deshaun Watson? #Patriots #Texans https://t.co/k6brtz0Js3

  6. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    The 5 most impressive Week 2 rookie performances involved #Texans, #Chiefs, #Patriots, #Seahawks & #Rams players: https://t.co/LlSiuHHsnJ

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  8. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    The 5 most impressive Week 2 rookie performances involved #Texans, #Chiefs, #Patriots, #Seahawks & #Rams players: https://t.co/ebeJolZl7W

  9. Dianna Russini @diannaESPN

    Sorry drank too much coffee. Enough stats for the day 😍 back with the Patriots today to hear from BB and TB12 about the Texans

  10. Dianna Russini @diannaESPN

    In the last 15 seasons rookie QBs are 0-8 AT the Patriots with more than 3 times as many interceptions as touchdown passes #texans #patriots

  11. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    With his #Texans tenure over, can a fresh start with the #Jaguars offer Jaelen Strong a fresh start? https://t.co/ZsalJsw5gK

  12. Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Texans are on the rise after making Deshaun Watson the starting QB https://t.co/jnwIni7cLd

  13. John Perrotto @JPerrotto

    From @JordyMcElroy: Jaelen Strong Never Showed Next-Level Talent With #Texans https://t.co/gBk0EE2Z9s #NFL

  14. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    Jaelen Strong just never showed next-level talent with the #Texans: https://t.co/Nn8Jyk2xQ5

  15. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    Week 3 QB Watch | @BWilliamsonNFL looks at 5 QBs with key roles in Week 3: https://t.co/vfwCGr1eT5 #Cowboys #Saints #Bengals #Bills #Texans

  16. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    Here are @GaryHortonNFL's 10 NFL Observations from Week 3: https://t.co/MfYKQBwiqt #Texans #Bengals #Saints #Ravens #Jaguars #Chiefs

  17. Matt Fortuna @Matt_Fortuna

    Texans GM Rick Smith in the house tonight, two days after Deshaun Watson's first NFL win. Wonder what he thinks of his Clemson successor?

  18. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    Here's what former #Clemson and current #Texans QB Deshaun Watson thinks of Kelly Bryant. LOOK: https://t.co/b6IYscieGO #ClemsonVsLouisville

  19. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    #Clemson S Tanner Muse was ejected for targeting so #Texans J.J. Watt has some advice for the refs. LOOK: https://t.co/0VYOTeUl5g #ClemvsLou

  20. Dave Matter @Dave_Matter

    Scouts from Chiefs, Eagles, Bears, Titans, Texans here for #Mizzou vs. Purdue

  21. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    J.J. Watt’s original goal in fundraising for #HurricaneHarvey relief: $200K His latest total: $37M https://t.co/TFF50SmhTM #Texans

  22. Chase Goodbread @ChaseGoodbread

    Clubs scouting Clemson-Louisville: #Dolphins #Bengals #Jets #Eagles #Colts /GM Ballard expected #Texans #Cardinals #Falcons #Bills #Panthers

  23. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    The only real positive for the #Texans last night was the scoreboard. @JFMcMullen explains why: https://t.co/CzAG1xl9t9

  24. Sports Illustrated @SInow

    Marcus Mariota faces a Jags defense that sacked Texans QBs 10 times last week, but don’t hesitate about starting him https://t.co/E4lbUoInlz

  25. Andrew Perloff @andrewperloff

    People asking if I'm panicking about Dalton. No way. He was 20-35, 225 yds, 0 INTs against the Texans. That's a D that got to Tom Brady.

  26. Sports Illustrated @SInow

    WATCH: Deshaun Watson's 49-yard touchdown scamper highlighted the Texans' 13-9 win over the Bengals https://t.co/Ske9j9qwBj

  27. John Perrotto @JPerrotto

    From @JFMcMullen: #Texans Win Over #Bengals Less Than Satisfying https://t.co/qQqsEs4rcT #NFL

  28. Pro Football Focus @PFF

    Key grades and stats from the Texans win over the Bengals https://t.co/VBMbIAZZ0x https://t.co/rlpzpNOEuq

  29. Andrew Perloff @andrewperloff

    BTW, who was that guy who started for the Texans before Watson? Tom something?

  30. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    The #Texans win over the #Bengals was less than satisfying. @JFMcMullen explains why: https://t.co/CzAG1xl9t9

  31. FanRag Sports @FanRagSports

    J.J. Watt would have no part in watching the #Bengals pull off a miracle comeback tonight. No part. WATCH: https://t.co/pAboupApVn #Texans

  32. Pro Football Focus @PFF

    Deshaun Watson's long run gave the Texans the edge over the Bengals https://t.co/MTxzPzxftv