Dan Patrick vs. ESPN: Why "The Mothership" Is Ruining His Show

Brian Spaen@SpaeniardContributor IINovember 25, 2010

Keyshawn Johnson was a scheduled guest on The Dan Patrick Show
Keyshawn Johnson was a scheduled guest on The Dan Patrick ShowChris McGrath/Getty Images

It was about 3 weeks ago when Keyshawn Johnson, an ESPN employee, was supposed to appear on Dan Patrick’s syndicated talk radio show, “The Dan Patrick Show.”  

Todd Fritz, the man in charge of setting up the interviews, had to inform Dan that the Keyshawn interview was pulled at the last minute by ESPN.  It wasn’t the first time that ESPN has sent this sort of notification.  

Dan pointed out that when he last interviewed Erin Andrews, the self-proclaimed “worldwide leader in sports” informed her that she couldn’t be a guest on the show again.

Now, let’s get this out of the way.  First off, of all the people that Dan would want to interview about football, he picks Keyshawn?  I know it’s nice to get that familiarity with famous retired players, but the majority of these people don’t really know how to analyze.  

This is why you look into people who actually cover teams or past head coaches and coordinators, who at least know what’s going on in the game.

Is it wrong for ESPN to not have their employees interviewed on “The DP Show?”  No, it’s competition.  How they handled the Keyshawn situation was not the right way to do it.

Dan has every right to be mad about it; any host probably would be.  But this little event would pass and Dan would get the other interviews he wants, correct?

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Instead, Dan talks about this a lot on his show.  In fact, for the past three weeks he’s dedicated a solid portion of his show to talk about this situation.

Two weeks ago, Dan thought of creating a list of three ESPN employees that he could have featured on the show and sent it to them to try and get it approved.  He has a guest on and asks them about the list.  

After the guest, he has his crew try to come up with their own list.  In all, he spends about a good hour of his three-hour talk show talking about a dumb idea that comes off more as bitter than anything else.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he brings up the subject again on a later show.

I’ll give him credit though, he does give decent interviews and isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

For example, Dan points out how “Mike and Mike in the Morning,” an ESPN radio show, got an exclusive interview with Tiger Woods and bounced around the accident that happened the day after Thanksgiving.  They did, and Dan would have had a more direct approach, or the interview wouldn’t have happened on his show.

That’s perfectly fine, and it also makes me wonder why that if he has so many good questions to ask, why are there days when he’ll spend an hour talking about what the poll question should be?

Who knows how the separation between Dan and ESPN really went, but something happened there that’s made Dan slightly bitter toward the company.  

Think of people who have an ex, and if they are ever brought up in a conversation, that person will say something like, “They tore my heart apart and destroyed my feelings, but I’m over it,” or “Yeah…Jason…forget him.”  That last one would be the clean version of what would really be said.

These people are over the ordeal they went through, but they still have bitterness or angst against them.  Many musicians and storytellers write about it to express their feelings.  Unfortunately, Dan isn’t either of those.

This is a sports radio show, and there’s no place to express your problems with a breakup, an ex-partner or ESPN.  Trust me, I’ve learned that relationship advice on my blogs were some of the lowest-viewed posts.  

Nobody cares about what Dan or I went through because everyone has their world of problems.  

Dan’s talk of ESPN on the show is constant and every day.  Coming up with the nickname is cute, but it’s just another example of how Dan hasn’t really let go of the whole thing.  We all let go someday, and hopefully he’ll do it soon.