Quinn Cook Talks LeBron, Kobe Bryant, More Ahead of New SHOWTIME Doc in B/R AMA

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistMay 13, 2020

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Quick, greatest rapper of all time? Tupac? Biggie? Jay-Z?

Nope. It's Lil Durk, according to Quinn Cook. The Los Angeles Lakers guard participated in an AMA on B/R's official app Wednesday, discussing his favorite rappers, his top-five all-time list and what it's like to play with LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

The following is the full transcript from the AMA session.

@JackPail: Who is the best player you've ever played with?

I know Kevin Durant and LeBron James are the more popular answers, so I would say Timmone Whatley who I played in AAU.


@Bills2021champs: Is Curry the greatest shooter of all time?

Yeah, for sure.


@Manin: Who are the Top 5 best players ever?

MJ, Kobe, LeBron, KD, Shaq.


What was your initial reaction to Kobe's death?

It was a surreal moment for everybody, shocking for everybody. We all just had to be there. To be there for the family and pray for the families of those affected. I grew up the biggest Kobe fan ever...I saw fans were down there, and I was a fan first. Went into fan mode and just wanted to pay respects to Kobe and the place where I always saw Kobe. My entire life, I saw him play at the Staples Center. They were supportive, patted me on the back, let me grieve, let me have my privacy and my space. That was a tragic time that the world is still trying to get over what happened, that day January 26. It's been a tough 2020 so far, and we want to just keep honoring Kobe and Gigi for sure.

@Bills2021champs: Is LeBron a really goofy guy?

He's the class clown, joking all day all night, on the plane and the bus. Joking, keeps everyone entertained. He's always locked in, but he keeps everybody light. He doesn't ever want us to get too serious. Obviously when we take a loss or not playing well, he's the first to get on us and build us back up, but he keeps everything light.


@js: What was your inspiration behind creating a children's book?

Growing up that's something I always wanted to do. My mom, one of her motivations, she got me a children's book based on Michael Jordan...she would read that to me all the time, I'd read it to myself. It was a story about Michael Jordan not making the team, he was short, and his mom wanted him to keep believing and keep his confidence...growing up, I always wanted to have my story. We came up with a cookbook, 10 recipes of success that I still use today. For kids, parents, coaches, whoever uses the book will enjoy it.


@MrFunFact: What's something that Coach K taught you that you'll always remember?

Next play. In basketball terms, if you turn the ball over, don't hold your head down. Get back on defense, get ready for the next play. If you make a three, can't celebrate and showboat...in life, if you don't get the job you want or the grade you want, you can't dwell on that. You have to keep going cause you'll get the opportunity...you gotta keep preparing because life goes on.


@MichaelSteveRitter: Quick question, do you think the '91 Pistons did anything wrong walking off the court after losing to MJ? 

Yes. They couldn't get through Boston, but once they finally figured Boston out, they were walking off the floor while the game was still going on. It wasn't your traditional high-fives and hugs after the series, so that's what the Pistons were thinking.They had to walk by the Chicago bench to get to the locker room, which made it worse. Obviously we've seen the clip with Isiah Thomas putting his head down and sneaking by. When Mike lost to the Pistons, he dapped and he hugged and wished them congratulations. As a champion you have to respect the next people coming up. It was a different time back then, but I would have loved to see Isiah give Mike a big hug and congratulate him for getting over the hump for sure.


@br_kicks: Favorite sneaker to hoop in? We see you always wearing KDs

KD 11s are probably my favorite shoe to hoop in. I love the Jordan 18s and 17s. LeBron 10s are my favorites as well. But if I had one shoe, I'd pick KD 11s.


@Element13th: Top 5 favorite kicks from your collection?

KD 11s. Jordan 18s. Jordan 17s. LeBron 10s. Jordan 12s. I remember being young and hooping in the 12s, 17s and 18s, that's why they resonate with me a little more. And with 18s, Jordan was back in DC, so that hit a little harder for me.


@AndrewMayer777: What was your favorite moment about winning the NBA title?

All my teammates tried to find me, knew how much that meant to me, how much work I put in to get to that moment. Their first thing was to hug families, celebrate with their families...and then they all came to find me, they knew how much it meant to me...being thrown in the fire and going to war with future Hall of Famers.


@jakepeterson: What advice can you give to a young player trying to succeed in this game?

Run your race. Stay positive. People will tell you you can't do it, coaches, management, agents will tell you you can't do it. Run your race, keep working and everything will work out.


@JCTheLit: What do you remember from your time in college?

Number one, winning the national championship. Outside of the cliche answer, winning MVP my sophomore year in the Bahamas...was like my coming-out party to the nation as a college player. That was a big weekend for me. In the Final Four I remember how focused we were. We had built habits all season to get to that point. Coach K had us ready, and we were so locked in. It was a fun two games there


@Steve_Perrault: You seem very dedicated to the handshake game. What goes into a great custom handshake in the NBA?

It has to be the relationship. When you have a handshake with somebody, that's your guy. For me, I have a lot of friends, close guys in the league that I have handshakes with. It's part of the camaraderie. When you look at LeBron, he's one of the best leaders ever...he has a handshake with every one of his teammates. It's not just for show or for the cameras, he has a genuine relationship with all of his teammates. If you have a good relationship, you're going to have a handshake...I've always had a handshake with my friends...I always appreciate that about our team, the different handshakes makes the NBA a fun thing to watch.


@Coco9: Who is the most competitive player on the Lakers?

I'd say Rondo. He's very competitive; he's a unique one. Feisty and fiery and he builds everyone up. He's a guy you don't like playing against, but you love playing with him.


@SportFanBeast: What is your favorite movie?

Space Jam and The Sixth Man.


@jackie_blue_moon: Do you know how to cook?

No. I just learned how to make spaghetti at 27 years old. I can survive, but I wouldn't consider myself a cook.


@Stephen_A_Smith: If the season resumes who is the biggest threat to the Lakers?

The Clippers and the Bucks. Clippers are No. 2 in the West, Bucks No. 1 in the East and league. We lost to both those teams...I think those two give us the biggest threat.


@noahtheboat: What's your favorite emoji?

The face where he's showing his teeth and he's blue, so it's like he's cold. The ice-cold smile...I use it when I do something cool, or it's my name in a couple of madden leagues.


@chicken1121: Who is the funniest player on the team?

LeBron and Jared Dudley. Dudley is a character; he keeps it fresh. He's been around, so his NBA stories are great. He doesn't care if he doesn't play or plays 30 min, he's always ready.


@cfinn1: Favorite obscure Laker player from the past?

I love Derek Fisher. I'm the biggest Derek Fisher fan ever.


@J27LA: Greatest rapper of all time?

Lil Durk.

@Steve_Perrault: What’s your new doc on SHOWTIME all about?

It’s about my county in Maryland outside of Washington D.C. that produces some of the best players. Growing up I got to see guys on TV that I idolized on an everyday basis playing basketball at the highest level and be from where I’m from that came back and gave me more advice than anybody. I think it’s a unique place and we get to tell the world a brief story on our area


What is your favorite game or play of your career?

Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Hit three threes in a row. Tied the series up 1-1 on the road. I had missed a big shot in Game 5 of WCF the year before against Houston...my teammates were just like, shoot the next one...Draymond had the belief to pass it to me, Steve had the belief to have me out there in front of the world...same spot, I hit all three shots where I had missed the year before that.


Go-to pre-game song or soundtrack?

Not really a song. I listen to Lil Durk, Gunna, Kodak, Young Thug, Wayne, the list goes on.


How far do you think the moon is from Earth?

Not that far because I see it all the time. It's gotta be close.