Bray Wyatt vs. The Fiend: Which Character Is Superior on WWE SmackDown?

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 17, 2020

Bray Wyatt vs. The Fiend: Which Character Is Superior on WWE SmackDown?

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    The repackaging of Bray Wyatt into "The Fiend" was one of WWE's biggest success stories of 2019.

    The gimmick didn't appear to have much run time when it initially started in April, but The Fiend has since become one of the strongest characters on the entire roster.

    Recently, though, fans have started to see more of his alter ego, Wyatt, which has enabled the company to keep the Firefly Fun House host fresh, exciting and unpredictable.

    But which of the two is the strongest? Here's a look at the pros and cons of Wyatt and The Fiend.

Bray Wyatt: Pros

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    Having an alter ego in the world of professional wrestling can sometimes be confusing, but WWE appears to have the balance right with Wyatt.

    With The Fiend doing little in the way of talking and cutting promos, it may have been easy for the company to put a manager on the character and have someone do his talking for him.

    But that doesn't make any sense when you have a gimmick as terrifying and intense as The Fiend. Who would want to go near him?

    That's the big pro of Wyatt right now. He gives The Fiend a voice and keeps Firefly Fun House entertaining and encapsulating.

    Wyatt's ability to turn from happy to intense in his original character in a matter of seconds is also another big plus. It keeps things interesting for that gimmick while leaving fans in no doubt that he can always turn to The Fiend if need be.

Bray Wyatt: Cons

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    While Wyatt is a perfect foil for The Fiend in terms of cutting promos and delivering messages, he doesn't have the same impact in the ring.

    Sure, if WWE had exposed some serious vulnerabilities in Wyatt's in-ring ability when he wrestled The Miz at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs in December, it would have made sense.

    After Wyatt retained the Universal Championship, though, it felt like there wasn't much use in having him compete.

    The two characters would feel much more distinct and unique if one had serious flaws and the other was an unstoppable machine. But that didn't feel like it was the case at TLC.

    Also, Wyatt just doesn't seem to have that same intensity to everything he does away from his pre-recorded promos compared to when he's working as The Fiend.

The Fiend: Pros

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    By far the biggest positive of The Fiend gimmick is how he's not only evolving himself, but also other wrestlers.

    The character has already had a huge impact on Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan and The Miz in recent months.

    Fans won't get bored of seeing him take on different opponents, not least because they'll be able to track the psychological damage done to them after he's done.

    Another huge positive for The Fiend is how indestructible he looks. Some people may get bored of a winning streak, but it's rare for a full-time champion to have a lengthy run with a world title.

    There's nobody who looks even remotely close to having the universal champion's number, and it'll be fascinating to see who steps up next.

The Fiend: Cons

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    Outside of The Fiend potentially losing an element of intrigue and unpredictability if he goes on a long unbeaten run, there really isn't too many flaws to find in him.

    The character is perfect, he works well as an alter ego for Wyatt, and it's hard not to be interested when he competes in matches.

    Are The Fiend's matches too one-sided? Some might argue that is the case, but the more main event guys who come forward to take him on, the less likely there is to be squash bouts.

    Sure, WWE could lose the red lighting when he's competing, but aside from that, this feels like one of the company's best creations in a long time.


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    Wyatt is a strong gimmick, and WWE has done plenty of good things in moving him forward.

    But there The Fiend is the one character fans are turning into SmackDown to watch on Friday nights.

    He's causing such chaos, and changing other wrestlers for the better, that it's difficult to argue about just how good he is.

    Look at guys like Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. Stars who had lost their way but have now been booked in a manner that suggests the impact of The Fiend has changed them forever.

    That's the sign of a strong gimmick, and it will be hard to find one as meaningful and important as this for years.