Ranking Best WWE and AEW Stars on the Microphone

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistJanuary 16, 2020

Ranking Best WWE and AEW Stars on the Microphone

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    There is no doubt in-ring performances can make a match live forever, but the ability to sell a storyline on the microphone is an art that can get wrestling fans as invested in a bout as the moves inside the ropes.

    When ranking the best wrestlers in WWE and All Elite Wrestling on the mic, we have to remove managers and authority figures from consideration, as legends like Paul Heyman and William Regal would dominate as per usual.

    Instead, we will focus on the in-ring workers who also have elite ability on the mic, such as Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho from AEW and Kevin Owens and Becky Lynch from WWE.

    Here are the best talkers from the WWE and AEW rosters.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman

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    At just 23, MJF is a virtuoso on the mic. As one of the highlights of AEW Dynamite every week, Friedman is proving to be a future main event attraction and a legitimate draw for the fans.

    AEW needs to keep the spotlight on MJF and build a megastar for the future.

    There are few wrestlers in the history of the business who had both the understanding of how to work up a crowd and the ability to build a storyline through a promo at such a young age. When Cody Rhodes called MJF a prodigy, he wasn't wrong.

    If Rhodes wants to build a star who can transcend wrestling and bring AEW to the next level, he needs to continue to unleash MJF during their long-term feud. In addition, Cody should take the loss to cement Friedman as the top heel in the company moving forward.

    He's better than you, and you know it.

Kevin Owens

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    Since the first day Kevin Owens appeared NXT in 2014, the WWE Universe realized there was something special about him. While his in-ring work is elite, it's his ability to cut down his opponents verbally that separates him from the pack.

    One of the reasons Owens has become such a valuable commodity for WWE is his ability to play both the heel or the face in any storyline to get the crowd to react exactly how he needs them to in order to get the storyline over.

    Another reason Owens has become so beloved by fans is that no matter what feud he is given, he works hard to sell it. Instead of mailing it in, Owens is always full throttle. The WWE Universe sees that and appreciates it.

    Whether he's in the opening segment or the main event, Owens is the most reliable mic worker in the wrestling business.

Jon Moxley

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    In WWE, Dean Ambrose was known as a comedic character with a wild side. and his promos reflected that. In AEW, though, Jon Moxley has been unleashed, and his mic work has consequently been the best of his career.

    With the aura of jumping ship to AEW from WWE and the intrigue of how he would deliver without being restricted by cookie-cutter promos, Moxley has not only met expectations for his mic work, but also surpassed them every time he speaks.

    Moxley is the biggest draw in AEW, and his promos are a big reason why.

    With the world championship in his future and the recently announced news that AEW has signed a new multiyear deal with TNT and has plans to add another weekly show, it's Moxley who should be carrying the company torch just as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin did for WWE during the Attitude Era.

    Whenever Moxley talks, people tune in to listen.

Becky Lynch

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    On the WWE main roster, there are few performers who can stand toe-to-toe with Becky Lynch on promos. While she doesn't always hit a home run, when Lynch is allowed to passionately deliver a promo, there are few better at it in wrestling.

    At a time when more focus than ever is on the women's divisions, Lynch is separating herself from the other female Superstars and proving she should be battling the top talkers in the company every week regardless of their gender.

    What could happen if Lynch and Heyman had a promo battle? Imagine the magic.

    Lynch has become one of the most reliable talkers in WWE, giving officials the confidence to put her in a feud against Asuka and let the Raw women's champion do the majority of the talking to sell the match.

    WWE Creative hasn't always been kind to Lynch with the lackluster face promos fans have come to despise, but Lynch has taken lemons and made lemonade since being given an opportunity, and she hasn't dropped the ball since.

Chris Jericho

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    Chris Jericho is not only one of the greatest in-ring technicians in wrestling history, but he is also one of the best talkers ever to grace the business. At 49, Jericho's step may have slowed, but his mouth has never been more dangerous.

    A real-life rock star and one of the wrestlers who staked their reputation on AEW's success, Jericho has created many of the most memorable moments from Dynamite and continues to be the highlight of almost every episode.

    Anything Jericho touches in AEW turns to gold.

    Whether it's putting over younger talent like Jungle Boy by talking about how he will be a future top star or acclimating the fans to the tremendous talents of Sammy Guevara, everything Jericho does is meant to build the credibility of those around him.

    As a result, AEW owes much of its initial success to Jericho's stellar mic work.