Brock Lesnar Accidentally Hits Fan in the Crowd with a Cadillac Car Door

Sean Swaby@seanswabyUK Staff WriterJuly 7, 2015


Brock Lesnar's destruction of Seth Rollins' present to his henchmen, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, didn't go entirely as planned. 

Lesnar succeeded in wreaking havoc on their brand-new Cadillac on Monday Night Raw in Chicago, but in tossing aside one of the passenger doors, Lesnar accidentally hit a fan in the audience. 

See the incident below, which occurs around the 2:35 mark. The camera moved away from where the door actually landed, but it's evident by the crowd's reaction that the door landed beyond where Lesnar intended. 

WrestleOne @WrestleOne

Video of the Lesnar car door throw from a Victims point of view #RAWChicago #RAW http://t.co/UhPQqLfzDU

Thankfully, according to PWInsider, the fan was briefly attended to but returned from backstage to his seat, unharmed. 

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