Ranking the Best Jersey Designs in Cleveland Cavaliers History

Greg Swartz@@CavsGregBRCleveland Cavaliers Lead WriterAugust 1, 2013

Ranking the Best Jersey Designs in Cleveland Cavaliers History

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    In their 44-year history, the Cleveland Cavaliers have sported some, well, interesting uniform choices.

    Beginning with their wine-and-gold color scheme back in 1969-70, the Cavs also went through the infamous blue, orange and black years before returning to the same coloration they originally donned.

    There was also the stadium mustard-tan disaster of the early 80's, but don't expect that to make this list.

    Here are the 10 best jerseys in the history of the Cavaliers, alternates included.

No. 10: Current Road Wines

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    Years Worn: 2010-current

    The Cavs' current road threads are simple, yet elegant.

    The soft gold sits well in the deep-wine background, and the stripes around the waist and shoulders add just a touch of flair.

    Nothing fancy, just a solid uniform all-around.

No. 9: The Original Home Gold

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    Years Worn: 1969-1974

    Only the truest of Cavalier fans have one of these in their closet.

    The original hardwood classics, the Cavs used these gold uniforms for the first five years of their existence.

    Synonymous with players like Austin Carr and Bingo Smith, few unis can top the original home gold.

No. 8: The '90s Strike in White

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    Years Worn: 1994-1997

    Holy Mike Fratello!

    These won't win any fashion awards, but they do take us back to a fun time in Cavs' history.

    Cleveland made a few playoff runs wearing these totally '90s uniforms, and they're still neat to look at nearly 20 years later.

No. 7: Red Racing Stripes?

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    Years Worn: 1974-1981

    The Cavs decided to mix things up a bit in their sixth season, switching to a more complex and bold design.

    Sticking with their original color scheme of wine and gold, the added mini stripes on the side make for a fun design.

    Maybe they were going for a speedier look?

No. 6: Current Gold Alternates

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    Years Worn: 2012-present

    Andrew Bynum, Anthony Bennett, Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark were all introduced to the Cavs holding up these sharp gold threads.

    Debuting in Cleveland just last season, the Cavs found a hit in this now Kyrie Irving era.

No. 5: Silky Black

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    Years Worn: 1999-2003

    While these uniforms may bring back painful memories of Darius Miles clanking jumper after jumper, there's no doubt Cleveland has never looked sleeker.

    While black doesn't really fit into the Cavs' traditonal color scheme, it is a cool idea for an alternate down the road.

No. 4: Mark Price's Blues

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    Years Worn: 1987-1989

    Two seasons of these unis just weren't enough.

    The blues took over for an awful road orange and saved millions of eyes that were forced to stare at the sun-colored jerseys for four years.

    The integration of the V into a hoop? Genius. 

No. 3: Modern White

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    Years Worn: 2003-2010

    Cleveland went through a dramatic jersey change in 2003, right after landing the No. 1 overall pick.

    A new logo was also put in place, the same that's still in use today with only a slight color change.

    The bottom line is, these uniforms looked good and the teams that wore them were pretty darn good themselves.

No. 2: '70s Home Gold

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    Years Worn: 1974-1981

    The Cavs' first home-jersey change was a dandy.

    As good as the red road version was, this one certainly deserves to come in above it.

    Swag was alive and well in 1970s Cleveland.

No. 1: The Alternate Blues

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    Years Worn: 2005-2010

    They may have only been alternates, but the Cavs have never looked better than they did in navy blue.

    A cool alternative to the deep red and white they wore at the time, the dark blue is now also synonymous with winning.

    Cleveland made the playoffs every single year they donned these beauties.


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