WWE Money in the Bank 2013: 6 Predictions You Can Take to the Bank in Philly

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJuly 7, 2013

WWE Money in the Bank 2013: 6 Predictions You Can Take to the Bank in Philly

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    One of the things I will not mention in the six slides you will see in this slideshow is that WWE's "Money in the Bank" is one of those pay-per-view events that always delivers in drama and excitement.

    With this year's event in the "City of Brotherly Love," you can bet matches created will leave no love lost for WWE competitors.

    How will Alberto Del Rio fare, knowing his "little buddy" Ricardo Rodriguez is not going to be ringside? Does Dolph Ziggler come to the ring alone, or will his "heavy" Big E. Langston (and that awful ring garb) accompany him?

    Is there any chance that Christian gets a crack at the WWE title as he looks for that one last match? 

    We all know The Wyatts will make their first appearance on Monday Night, but could they make a subtle appearance in Pennsylvania the night before?

    Money in the Bank tends to make the best wrestlers in the WWE even better and set the stage for a dramatic SummerSlam and fall months of action. Here are six things to look for in Sunday night's pay-per-view.

Dissention Between Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro

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    The World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match could make for some interesting bed fellow.

    I think Cody Rhodes will win, but it could be a night of battles and infighting amongst camps. Mainly, the Zeb Colter-run group of Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro could be in for a long night. 

    There is more potential in Colter and Cesaro (polar opposites) than a run with Swagger. This could be perfect for Colter to turn his back on the "American" and lend his total support of Cesaro, leading to a Swagger face turn and a feud between the two wrestlers.

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow Will Battle on the Ladder

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    They are so close as friends; you know this has to happen at some point. Why not let it happen on Sunday?

    Rhodes has taken on the likes of The Miz, Chris Jericho and Sheamus as of late, proving he is still a great competitor in the ring and deserves a title run of his own.

    Sandow and Sheamus have put together a nice run of a feud. I think Sandow is ready to take the next step toward being a WWE champion. This is a great proving ground for him and Rhodes.

    In the end, look for both of them to be the last two standing in the ladder match, where Rhodes turns face and takes the title opportunity.

AJ Lee and Kaitlyn Will Deliver Again

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    The idea of two Divas title matches in a row delivering on the idea of "wrestling?" I must be in a dream world where I thought Lita and Trish Stratus were in the ring together.

    AJ Lee and Kaitlyn broke down the walls and showed us they could wrestle, entice and excite the masses. They delivered at Payback and should do the same thing this time around. Woo Hoo!

    If this is as good as last time, with the "Black Widow" in play, it's a great rivalry that could last the remainder of the year. What a coup for the WWE, having a foundation of a program that could live for months and maybe even years.

Chris Jericho Gets Ryback His 1st True PPV Win

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    If a WWE wrestler wants to become a true superstar, then see Chris Jericho about getting over.

    If Jericho can help the likes of CM Punk, Fandango and others, then he can certainly help Ryback obtain a major win at a pay-per-view event.

    Is there another WWE superstar who was rushed through the program as quickly as Ryback, given the gauntlet and then saw a steady stream of failure along the way?

    The WWE did the character wrong and should have slowed the process down, given him a mid-card title and then built him up some more. Feuds with Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro should have proved his mettle. 

    The WWE may have ruined this kid.

Mark Henry Will Dominate John Cena

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    But he won't win the WWE title.

    If there is anyone besides Kane and Daniel Bryan who deserve to wear the title, Henry is the man. Unfortunately, it will not happen.

    Henry will beat John Cena, but lose the match, and even more insulting will be that Bryan, should he win the ladder match of all-star wrestlers, could cash in his briefcase on Sunday night.

The McMahons Will Fight Once Again

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    You know there is always great drama when the McMahon family is on television. On a pay-per-view is even golden.

    There has to be a falling action pretty soon in this drama. We should see it once Vickie Guerrero is fired on Monday night. But there needs to be a lead-in to this and Sunday night should provide this. 

    It could also lead to the turf war between all three McMahons (Vince, Stephanie, Triple H). My only question now is, "Where is Linda when you need her?"