AJ Lee Will Lead a New Divas Revolution in WWE

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJuly 4, 2013

A new power is rising. Image by WWE
A new power is rising. Image by WWE

Crazy has never been more sexy cool in WWE.

Reigning Divas Champion AJ Lee has all of the spotlight on herself as of late and has been the most interesting part of her division for the past year or so.

There honestly has been quite the change with the ladies of WWE as of late. A new TV show, Stephanie McMahon taking control and the NXT women led by Sara Del Rey...things are definitely looking up.

Who is more fit to lead them into the future than AJ?

No one. Not right now anyway.

This girl has the look, the ring skills and that all-important mic skill that seems to be rarer than gold.

Though she is cute when she plays the good girl, most fans dig the crazy chick inside. It worked for Mickie James and obviously works for AJ Lee.

A revolution is coming, the big turnaround everyone has been waiting for, and this little psycho will be in the driver's seat.

For too long these women have been the laughingstock of the entire WWE universe. So much potential ruined by bad writing and cowardice. That time is past, and now a new era in women's wrestling is about to begin.

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AJ along with Kaitlyn come from NXT. Paige, Summer Rae and Sara Del Rey are in NXT right this minute. So much potential there.

The entire world will get some sort of new vision on things once that reality show starts, and if luck will have it, other wonderful talent may soon see the beacon and answer the call.

Imagine a division comprising of women like AJ, Sara Del Rey, Paige, The Bellas, Natalya and eventually Angelina Love and a returning Kharma (it's only a matter of time.)

These are but a handful of names, but with all of her talent, the little she-devil AJ may defeat them all and establish herself as one of the greatest performers of her time, maybe even of all time.

Pussycat Dolls are a thing of the past. Fans don't want to loosen up some buttons, they want to see real action. Kicks, punches, top-rope splashes and steel cage matches.

Give them a chance and they will surpass all expectations.

When it comes to AJ Lee, it is quite remarkable to see an innocent-looking woman garner so much attention and become an instant success. 

Being a star seems to feel natural to her. Watching her on screen is far from being boring or irritating because she is that good at making people either love or hate her.

Not everyone can do that.

Watch for this girl to get a real feud in coming months.

On one side, she will not stay with Dolph Ziggler for very long; the guy is now turning "face," and AJ is not a good girl at all.

Explosions and fireworks are in the forecast.

Natalya is set to fight her on SmackDown this week. If she wins, this may be the start of a series of excellent matches.

For certain there are many out there looking forward to an AJ Lee vs. Natalya Divas Championship feud.

That title will finally start to mean something again. 

Until then, all hopes and dreams for the Divas division rest with AJ at the moment.

Lots of pressure, no doubt, but she will rise above and meet this challenge head on.

Go on, girl, the world is your oyster.

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