Philadelphia 76ers: 3 Big Reasons the 76ers Cannot Win with Andre Iguodala

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IJuly 5, 2012

Philadelphia 76ers: 3 Big Reasons the 76ers Cannot Win with Andre Iguodala

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    Andre Iguodala has been with the Philadelphia 76ers for a long time and it is evident that they cannot win with what they have.

    Now don't get me wrong, I like Iguodala. He is a very good player who brings a lot to the table-- athleticism, ability to facilitate the offense, play lock-down defense, and rebound. In fact, he receives a lot of unfair criticism too.

    Though this is true, it is proven not enough to get them over the top. With the current team, it is inevitable that the Sixers cannot win with Iguodala.


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    This is the most simple and straightforward of them all.

    The competition in the Eastern Conference is very rigorous with teams like the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and the improving New Jersey Nets. Not to mention teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers who run the west.

    Basically, the teams that have a chance to win the championship in this generation are set. The Sixers aren’t one of them.

    With Iguodala leading the way, they won't be able to get by these teams.

He Isn't a No. 1 Player

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    Despite all of the good things he brings to the game, he cannot be the No. 1 player on a team if they want to win a championship. 

    There are superstars in the league who have the ability to put the team on their back  and lead them to victory. In addition, they always seem to come through in the clutch and the best of the best are able to lead their team to a championship.

    Iguodala does not give those capabilities like a No. 1 player does.

    But keep in mind this is also where fans give him unfair criticism. They are expecting him to be a No. 1 player when that is not what he is meant to be. Instead, Iguodala is meant to be a complementary player to a superstar (looking around... no superstar. This is awkward.)

    The thing is, he just so happens to be the most talented player with a pedigree on the team and is forced to be the No. 1 option. He cannot control the situation either. It's quite the unfortunate scenario.

    Even though it should be understood that it is not his fault, the fact of the matter is he is still the No. 1 guy on the team. When he is the No. 1 option, they cannot win.

They Are Built for the Future

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    Now this is where people, especially the front office, are greatly mistaken.

    The Sixers are not built to win now, but instead for the future. With nine guys 25 years old or younger, it's pretty hard to refute that they aren't.

    Iguodala on the other hand is 28 turning 29 next season. He is in the midst of his prime and built to win now while everyone else is not at that stage yet.

    Guys like Evan Turner, Jrue Holiday and Thaddeus Young still have high ceilings that have not been fulfilled yet. They still need to grow and their peak is down the road.

    The front office not willing to rebuild is a whole other issue.


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    The 76ers are always a competitive and fun team to watch. Now that's all good in itself, but it is getting old. It's that same cloud of mediocrity that never seems to leave them.

    This also means the lackluster front office shouldn't sit there lifeless like they have been. Serious change needs to be made.

    The fact that no progress is being made means that what the Sixers have now is not getting the job done. They need to move on from what they have, and that starts with moving Iguodala.