Orlando Magic: 7 Best Options for the Magic in the NBA Draft

Dustin Tyler@JaggerwockeeCorrespondent IJune 12, 2012

Orlando Magic: 7 Best Options for the Magic in the NBA Draft

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    With the 2012 NBA Draft less than a month away, the Orlando Magic must select a solid potential starter with the 19th overall pick.

    The Magic are saddled with bad contracts and have gotten old in a hurry.

    With most of the elite players selected by the time Orlando's turn rolls around, they have to hope they can still hit with this pick.

    Drafting has not been a strength for the Magic as of late and they are hoping a change in management will spawn better results.

    Here's a look at six players who would be solid options if they're available when Orlando is on the clock.

Meyers Leonard

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    School: Illinois

    Position: C

    Meyers Leonard has really seen his stock soar since the scouting combine.

    He seemed to answer any questions regarding his skill and mentality.

    Leonard boasts tremendous size, a solid close-range offensive game and a tenacity on the boards.

    He has developed a fairly consistent jumper that extends out to around 12 feet.

    With the skill set that he brings and the real possibility that the Magic move on from Dwight Howard, Leonard would have to be a very enticing player.

    However, it seems that his stock may have moved him to the late-lottery discussion.

Moe Harkless

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    School: St. John's

    Position: SF

    Based on just ability, Moe Harkless would be one of the better prospects in this draft.

    However, he is incredibly raw.

    He was very productive as a post player for St. John's, but struggled with his perimeter game.

    His penetrating ability and rebounding is enough to warrant teams to wait for his game to fully develop.

    With current Magic small forward Hedo Turkoglu having drastically taken a step back, Harkless should be a player very high on their list.

    In a couple of years, if his offensive game comes around, he could be a Luol Deng type of player and the Magic would welcome that.

Tony Wroten

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    School: Washington

    Position: PG

    Tony Wroten is a playmaker, plain and simple. He has great size for the position, remarkable speed and as much potential as anyone in this draft.

    The only knock on Wroten is his shot. Let's just say he struggles with it.

    He draws comparisons to Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics with his uncanny court-vision and inconsistent shooting.

    With Jameer Nelson possibly on the way out, the Orlando Magic could help themselves greatly by drafting a Rondo-like replacement.

    And to get a player with the ceiling of Wroten with the 19th pick would be an absolute steal!

Andrew Nicholson

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    School: St. Bonaventure

    Position: PF

    Andrew Nicholson has seen his stock rise over the past couple of weeks and at the NBA Combine.

    He is a solid rebounder, can score inside and has a perimeter game that extends out beyond the three-point line.

    His lack of bulk and explosiveness are the only things keeping Nicholson from being a lottery pick, as he has drawn comparisons to Pacers forward David West.

    The Magic's lack of depth in the front-court was exploited this season.

    With Ryan Anderson a restricted free-agent and Dwight Howard seemingly on the way out, that area could become even thinner.

    Adding someone with the upside of Nicholson could go a long way toward improving the power game with or without Howard.

Royce White

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    School: Iowa St

    Position: SF/PF

    As far as skill set goes, Royce White is in a class alone.

    He is a strong presence on the boards, handles the ball smoothly and his ability see the court is uncanny.

    White is not as high on team's draft boards as someone with his ability should be.

    There is concern about his height, but White suffers with an anxiety disorder that scares many teams causing his stock to fall.

    For the Magic, White could be another Hedo Turkoglu.

    He can be a big that facilitates the offense and presents a matchup problem for opposing defenses.

    If White can get his anxiety under control, he could be a steal for a team in the second half of the draft.

Marquis Teague

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    School: Kentucky

    Position: PG

    Marquis Teague was a vital  part of the University of Kentucky National Championship team.

    He has amazing quickness and has good court vision.

    He has a very similar game to his brother Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks.

    If he can improve his decision making, eliminating some of the turnovers and develop a stronger shooting touch, he could be a very promising prospect in the NBA.

    The Orlando Magic may be looking for help at the point with Jameer Nelson possibly walking in the offseason.

    While Teague is still a work in progress, his potential could be too much for them to pass on with the 19th pick.

Fab Melo

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    School: Syracuse

    Position: C

    Fab Melo is a very intriguing prospect.

    He has tremendous size at 7'0", 255 pounds, and is one of the best defensive players in the draft.

    Melo was considered to be raw at the offensive end of the court, but his workout at the NBA combine has made many teams rethink their grade on him.

    He showed that he has good touch around the basket and that he has developed a consistent mid-range jumper.

    If the Orlando Magic do indeed part ways with superstar center Dwight Howard, a player like Fab Melo could help lessen the blow.

    He can control games with his defense early on and if his offense continues to develop he could become a force at the center position in the NBA.