1. Nelson Sits in Monday's Game Due to Lower Back Strain

  2. This offseason, in regards to free agents, #Nuggets retained: Jameer Nelson, Will Barton, Darrell Arthur. Lost: Ian Clark.

  3. The #Nuggets have re-signed Jameer, Will and Darrell! http://t.co/nC5dSyu9Mz http://t.co/5BVfaR19hd

  4. Jameer Nelson gives his take on guards in NBA, Nuggets reach buyout with Joey Dorsey http://t.co/u6aGD64odt http://t.co/Qte3W4bprs

  5. Jameer's Dig Deep Week may have helped start something special. http://t.co/xHZ3qD1OkN #Nuggets http://t.co/esyOYjKvaR

  6. Jameer Nelson invited the whole team to Philadelphia this summer to his house and to train and bond #Nuggets

  7. New CSG Video: Jameer Nelson and Kenneth Faried talk Nuggets http://t.co/MGI881A5hw http://t.co/OmeWdHmCOT

  8. Mike Miller's years of experience make Jameer Nelson seem like a rookie on the Nuggets.

  9. "I have the utmost confidence in Jameer Nelson as a leader." Michael Malone. Live at press conference.

  10. Really cool article! Loved how Jameer talked about shifting his game as the league has evolved. https://t.co/na9lQVO9WF

  11. Links: Matt Moore on Jameer Nelson, Kenneth Faried http://t.co/VTpsyRhTns #Nuggets

  12. Jameer Nelson's impact hits beyond the court http://t.co/tnqtAaAevj

  13. Jameer Nelson's impact hits beyond the court http://t.co/dfjyJsjTdg #Nuggets by @dempseypost http://t.co/jZiv7JegPu

  14. Probably Wilson Chandler, Jameer Nelson & Foye. When Nurkic returns as starter, add Lauvergne to that list, too. https://t.co/r53TNhZgH2

  15. Jameer Nelson addresses the crowd. Says the #Nuggets need the support for the team to get where it is trying to go

  16. Jameer Nelson running point to close out the Lakers for Nuggets, it would appear - he has 8 assists

  17. Great run for Jameer Nelson as he assists two great baskets. Nuggets back up by 10 31-21

  18. Three long-balls in a row for Jameer... It's a 10-point game! #Nuggets

  19. #Nuggets G Jameer Nelson WILL NOT play tonight due to a lower back strain.

  20. Meanwhile, PG Jameer Nelson (SI joint sprain) is questionable for the game vs. the Bucks. #Nuggets

  21. #Nuggets G Jameer Nelson is expected to play tonight, coach Michael Malone said. He's missed the last two games w/an SI joint sprain.

  22. JAMEER with the step-back. We’re up 10 with a little over three minutes to go. #Nuggets

  23. There we go, Jameer. Let’s go, #Nuggets!

  24. Oh, Jameer, stop it! (But not really... This is awesome.) #Nuggets

  25. Jameer Nelson also had a season-high with 16 points, including four from long range! #Nuggets https://t.co/CzBUhlTQrA

  26. Emmanuel and Jameer are running point today, but for Thanksgiving: they're handing out meals at Warren Village! https://t.co/BC28F0pHok