NY Yankees News: Robertson Diagnosed with Bone Bruise, Understanding the Injury

Louie Babcock@Medic_LouieContributor IIIMarch 9, 2012

Jack Curry reported on twitter today that David Robertson had been diagnosed with a bone bruise.

Robertson had fallen at his home, which caused the injury to his foot. Initially, the Yankees were concerned about what the MRI had shown. Now that the diagnosis is in, and Robertson will likely be ready to play on opening day.

What is a bone bruise?

Bone is a type of tissue that is in our body. Like all tissues, it has blood vessels that provide it with oxygen and other nutrients. When the blood vessels near the surface of the bone become ruptured, they form a bruise. A bone bruise can be considered a predecessor to a bone break.

A bone bruise is very painful, and in the past, was mistaken as a fracture. Modern medical imaging techniques now enable doctors to know whether a bone bruise is present.

A bone bruise is treated like any other bruise. Ice to reduce the swelling, and rest to allow the blood vessels to repair themselves.

This diagnosis is the best possible news the Yankees could have received about his injury.

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Robertson has solidified his spot in the bullpen as the set-up man, and he is in a position to be the heir to Mariano Rivera.

The Yankees need to make sure that Robertson does not try to rush back to the mound. If the vessels have not fully healed, another similar injury could occur, which would take more time to heal.

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