1. Congrats, @DRob30!  http://t.co/KvWGC8FLTJ

  2. Frustrated Robertson Wants White Sox to Know He's 'Worth It'

  3. 1-2-3 for @DRob30 in the 9th, #SOXWIN! http://t.co/MCns2KMY8W

  4. Tribe's Ramirez launched solo home run against Duke. It carried well beyond David Robertson, who is warming up in White Sox bullpen. 7-4 Sox

  5. Game now 7-4 after the Jose Ramirez HR off Duke. @DRob30 on with two outs, looking to collect his 30th save of the season. #WhiteSox

  6. One-pitch save for David Robertson. White Sox 7, Indians 4, Final.

  7. David Robertson has retired 26 consecutive batters. That's kinda like being an out away from a perfect game. Kinda.

  8. http://t.co/6RphCj3YZW - David Robertson wants to be part of White Sox resurgence in 2016: http://t.co/4xzOmMCztS

  9. Closer David Robertson is White Sox nominee for Roberto Clemente Award.

  10. #WhiteSox leading 7-3 in the 9th, A's have runners on the corners with no outs, @DRob30 on the bump. #GoSox

  11. Congrats to @DRob30, a nominee for the #RobertoClemente Award! @HighSocks4Hope http://t.co/YujiYaLgIF

  12. A's threatening to hand Jose Quintana a no-decision. Runners at corners with one out against closer David Robertson. Sox up 2-1.

  13. David Robertson on blown save: "I'm just furious with myself. Screwed up another win for a starter who pitched his a-- off"

  14. http://t.co/6RphCj3YZW - White Sox's David Robertson, Jose Quintana on the loss to Oakland: http://t.co/x3tLgIXwSF

  15. #White Sox - David Robertson - RP : Closer/Bullpen News http://t.co/c85cnQEJdj #Alarm http://t.co/EDzhqFb2Ku

  16. David Robertson feels like he needs a strong finish to prove to the #WhiteSox he's a solid option in the ninth. http://t.co/Y5GEeAVm3i

  17. David Robertson takes over in B9 with the #WhiteSox ahead 4-1.

  18. Wrote about David Robertson before today's game and how he's not satisfied with his season, wants to finish strong. http://t.co/Y5GEeAVm3i

  19. Chris Johnson's two-run homer off David Robertson cuts the #WhiteSox lead to 4-3. One out in B9.

  20. David Robertson with the pickoff to end the game. #WhiteSox win 4-3.

  21. David Robertson thinks that was his first pickoff since 2008. #WhiteSox

  22. White Sox 4, Indians 3: Sox survive more David Robertson wobbles http://t.co/psO7Ly4x53 http://t.co/z1FERIpXNS

  23. #Tigers playing AC/DC's 'Back In Black' here in T9 -- David Robertson must be confused warming up in the bullpen.

  24. Bottom of the 9th, @DRob30 on the bump, #WhiteSox lead 3-2. http://t.co/UljBcnzWYm

  25. Broken-bat single for Nick Castellanos with one out in B9. Anthony Gose pinch runs. James McCann pinch hits vs. David Robertson.

  26. Victor Martinez to pinch hit with two outs in B9 vs. David Robertson. Man on, #WhiteSox lead 3-2.

  27. David Robertson strikes out Victor Martinez and the #WhiteSox sweep the doubleheader with a 3-2 victory.

  28. David Robertson had allowed 7 earned runs in 3 previous games. Converts his 2nd straight save and 31 of 38 on season. #WhiteSox

  29. David Robertson mocked a fist pump in the hallway after the #WhiteSox victory. Best outing in a week. http://t.co/uQJ3JVCOFO

  30. David Robertson went to a higher arm slot Mon. upon suggestion of Bobby Thigpen, who suggested it in warmup before 9th. Instant results.

  31. David Robertson found his rhythm again Mon. after Bobby Thigpen's suggestion while he warmed up for 9th. #WhiteSox http://t.co/gWZgDflxpE

  32. David Robertson received a call at 1:30 a.m. informing him Yogi Berra had passed away. Hoped he'd see him this weekend at Yankee Stadium.

  33. David Robertson, Don Cooper and Robin Ventura reflect on the passing of #Yankees legend Yogi Berra. #WhiteSox http://t.co/NkvJFdMcN3

  34. David Robertson is making his first trip back to Yankee Stadium and it's "a little different." #WhiteSox http://t.co/mG2LquYjwA

  35. David Robertson warming up in #WhiteSox bullpen. Hasn't pitched here since he blew save in Derek Jeter's final game, setting up his heroics.

  36. David Robertson in w/ #WhiteSox up 5-2. First game here in a year, since blew 5-2 lead in Derek Jeter's final game before Jeter's walkoff.

  37. David Robertson with a 1-2-3 ninth inning for his 32nd save and #WhiteSox win 5-2, their first victory at Yankee Stadium in 10 games.

  38. David Robertson on last gm at Yankee Stadium before Fri.: "The baseball gods were against me that day. They wanted to see Derek walk off."

  39. David Robertson will have a 2-run cushion in the ninth after Alexei Ramirez's RBI double.

  40. David Robertson takes over for the #WhiteSox, who lead 4-2 after 8 innings.