How the New York Giants Have Succeeded in the Tom Coughlin/Eli Manning Era

Jason Radowitz@@NY_Sports_WorldContributor IIIFebruary 12, 2012

The Giants won Super Bowl XLVI last week against the Patriots in a thrilling victory, with another outstanding drive put together from Eli Manning late in the fourth quarter.

That was the second Super Bowl victory for Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin, as they also beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl in 2008.

Tom Brady is known for being the best, and he possibly still is, though a couple quarterbacks are in the running—including two-time Super Bowl MVP and Champion Eli Manning.

Winning finally began when the Giants brought in their new head coach, Tom Coughlin, and were able to bring Eli Manning to New York out of the draft.

The Giants don't only win Super Bowls, they win the NFL draft.

Their entire offense consists of draftees or undrafted free agents, including Eli Manning, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, Henry Hynoski, Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Mario Manningham and Jake Ballard.

Then you look at defense, and realize with the exception of Chris Canty, the Giants' powerful defensive line was all drafted by the New York Giants, including Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, Jason Pierre-Paul and Linval Joseph.

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Add Jacquian Williams, Chase Blackburn, Mark Herzlich, Greg Jones, Kenny Phillips, Aaron Ross, Prince Amukamara and most of their defense—with the exception of Michael Boley, Deon Grant, Antrel Rolle and Chris Canty—was a rookie with the Giants and became successful because the Giants never gave up on them.

Also, injured players like Terrell Thomas and Jonathon Goff, who were supposed to start this season before their season-ending injuries, were also rookies with the Giants.

They let their rookies develop into great athletes. They don't go after guys in free agency, and that's actually been proven to work.

Look back to the Eagles this season. Their chemistry was awful, and their cornerback situation was a joke. They had the "best" cornerbacks, but none of them were drafted by the Eagles (Rodgers-Cromartie, Samuel and Asomugha).

The Giants lost two other draftees after the short free agency after the lockout, Steve Smith, who was also signed by the Eagles after his tremendous years with the Giants, and Kevin Boss went to the Raiders.

After the loss of both of those players, many fans were unhappy and pessimistic about who would be able to cover their shoes. Two undrafted free agents with the Giants came through, but even getting that opportunity doesn't happen with most teams.

If there is one thing anyone should have learned by now, this it it: The Giants don't give up on rookies very quickly.

Most fans at the beginning of this season were laughing at the Giants' major signing, Steve Weatherford. Jerry Reese might have found the "steal" of the the free agency. Not only did Weatherford punt great, his energy on the field lit everyone up.

So before you put general manager Jerry Reese on the bus, remember, his plan is for his rookies to grow into stars and his plan works.

The bonding and chemistry is also key to victory. Being around the same players for many years definitely helps on the field and off it.

But as a fan, when you don't care about when the Giants sign the undrafted free agents, think again, because the Giants find the best talent during the draft and that's how they succeed and win championships.