Giants vs Patriots Super Bowl: 7 Reasons This Rematch Will Be Unlike All Others

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJanuary 24, 2012

Giants vs Patriots Super Bowl: 7 Reasons This Rematch Will Be Unlike All Others

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    In movies, the first film is usually better than any of the sequels. Timing, lack of interest and depth of character play a role in where a film can garner the same intensity and excitement as the first, and beyond that, the hype usually does not live up to the marketing and advertising.

    The NFL hopes the sequel between the Patriots and the Giants lives up to its billing after four years of waiting and wondering if these two teams would ever meet again with sports' greatest prize on the line.

    There are so many storylines and subplots with this return matchup (we have seen return engagements where the only teams to live up to the hype have been the Steelers/Cowboys and San Francisco/Cincinnati), with the biggest being the two are playing in Peyton's Place (Indianapolis).

    As Jim Nance would say, this could be "One for the ages," and we the fans want to entertained, not put to sleep.

    Unlike a good movie, we don't have to worry about watching this one in the dark.

    Here are some reasons why this rematch will be unlike other Super Bowl rematches.

From Fired to the Hall of Fame

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    Two months ago, it was talked about like it was no big deal. Tom Coughlin was fired in the eyes of the New York media. Now, if he can win a second Super Bowl in four seasons and two against one of the greatest coaches ever, there is talk about him being honored in the Hall of Fame.

    When you look at the matchup of Coughlin and Bill Belichick, you have two old-school men who know how to get the most out of the players they have on their rosters.

    And if Belichick were to win a fourth championship, he would be forever immortalized in the same vane as Lombardi, Noll and Shula.

This Could Be the Highest Scoring Game in Super Bowl History

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    It may be a game where you throw out the defensive game plan.

    This game features two of the most powerful passing offenses in the NFL. And while the Giants are built for this scenario of passing and then using the run to bully defenses, Tom Brady passes the ball right at you and tells you he will beat you by throwing to either Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez or Rob Gronkowski.

    And it works.

    A 45-41 game is not out of the realm of possibility.

Another Reason to Get Archie Manning on Television

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    The ultimate NFL fantasy for Roger Goodell would be for the Giants and the Colts to meet in a Super Bowl to determine which Manning is the better Manning.

    It won't happen, trust me. But it would also mean Archie Manning would get a lot of face time on camera. And having his youngest son playing in Peyton's backyard will give the former Saints cult hero something to talk about.

    Heck, I thought Manning would lose his mind when Peyton was playing against his old team in the Super Bowl two years ago.

Brady vs. Manning Is Always the Hope for Ratings

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    The Super Bowl got what it wanted. It got Brady vs. Manning. While it is not the matchup of Peyton and Tom, it is still very compelling.

    While Peyton must beat Brady to get to a Super Bowl, Eli must beat Brady to earn a ring. And if for some reason (and I am rooting for the Giants) Eli can best Peyton's nemesis again, he will have two rings in four seasons, can call his brother and say "I won in your house" and possibly accept the torch as the best Manning in the NFL.

    And yes, Daddy would approve.

There Is Chance for the Unsung Hero to Re-Appear

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    All you have to do is say the name David Tyree. The name, the catch, the ball stuck to the helmet and the memory forever etched in the minds of Giants fans.

    There are plenty of players from both sides who could come up big and make a big name for themselves in this game.

    Julian Edelman, Mario Manningham, Brandon Spikes, maybe Patrick Chung.

    These players and about 40 others have a chance to do something not many other players have. They can make a huge play and change playoff and Super Bowl history.

Brady Found His Magic Again

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    I used to think it was odd that Tom Brady had not won a playoff game since 2007. He also had not won a playoff game since he married supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

    I know, it's crazy to think of things like that, but I like stirring the pot.

    Brady looks calm and cool and ready to prove the naysayers wrong that his time has passed and the Patriots are not the team of destiny.

    And with his crop of tight ends and Wes Welker, it could easily happen.

A Win by Eli Could Surpass Peyton

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    One has been the best at his craft for a decade; the other is trying to become the best.

    And right now, the pupil is way ahead of the student. Maybe the best thing for Eli Manning this season was the ability to play without Peyton for a year, giving him time to establish himself as good a quarterback as anyone in the league.

    Both have gotten to the Super Bowl twice, Peyton winning against the Bears and losing to the Saints.

    Eli beat the Patriots four years ago and can do it again. If he can beat Tom Brady again, does that give him an edge in who is the better Manning?

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