Manchester City's Top 10 Fan Chants (with Video)

Yoosof Farah@@YoosofFarahSenior Writer IIINovember 9, 2011

Manchester City's Top 10 Fan Chants (with Video)

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    A club known for their fan chants, Manchester City supporters have had a lot more to sing about recently, as the Citizens exert their dominance over Manchester United and the rest in the Premier League this season.

    The likes of the burgeoning Mario Balotelli and David Silva have become popular players with the fans at Eastlands, and have thus become firm favorites amongst the singing supporters on the terraces.

    And, it won't be long before hero-turned-pantomime-villain Carlos Tevez also has some new and improved chants about him.

    With that in mind, here are the top 10 Manchester City fan chants.

Blue Moon

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    There's only one place to start, and that's with Manchester City's club anthem "Blue Moon."

    Here's the lyrics:

    Blue Moon,
    You saw me standing alone,
    Without a dream in my heart,
    Without a love of my own.

Boys in Blue

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    The club's unofficial anthem is "Boys in Blue," which is often played at the end of home matches at Manchester City.

    Here's the lyrics:

    City, Manchester City,
    we are the lads who are playing to win,
    City, the Boys in Blue will never give in,
    football is the game that we all live for,
    Saturday is the day we play the game,
    everybody has to pull together,
    and together we will stand,
    even if we're playing down at Maine Road,
    or if we play a million miles away,
    there will always be our loyal fans behind us,
    to cheer us on our way,
    City, Manchester City,
    we are the lads who are playing to win,
    City, the Boys in Blue will never give in,
    Blue and white we play together,
    we will carry on forever more,
    maybe in another generation,
    when other lads have come to take our place,
    they'll carry on the glory of the City,
    keeping City in first place.

    City, Manchester City,
    we are the lads who are playing to win,
    City, the Boys in Blue will never give in,
    City, the Boys in Blue will never give in,
    City, the Boys in Blue will never give in.

Invisible Man

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    Having gained popularity again after the Sheikh Mansour takeover, it is believed this Manchester City fan chant originated in a match away to Millwall when City were in the old third division, having gained access to The Den, despite being banned after violence in a previous encounter between the two.

    Here's the lyrics:

    We are not
    We're not really here,
    We are not
    We're not really here,
    Just like the fans of the invisible man,
    We're not really here.

Singing the Blues

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    Another popular chant at Manchester City is sung to the tune of the song called "Singing the Blues," by Guy Mitchell.

    Here's the adapted Man City version:

    Never felt more like singing the blues,

    City win, United lose,

    Oh City you got me signing the blues.

Oooooo Balotelli

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    When the Manchester City fans dedicated a chant to Mario Balotelli, such was his headline-grabbing ability on the front pages, they dedicated it completely to his off-field antics.

    Here's the lyrics:

    Oooooooooo Balotelli, he's a striker, he's good at darts,
    an allergy to grass but when he plays hes f**kin' class,                                                                      He drives around moss side with a wallet full of cash (repeat).

Mancini, He Comes from Italy, to Manage Man City

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    A now well-respected man at Manchester City, the Eastlands faithful proudly chant about their team's manager Roberto Mancini.

    Here's the lyrics:

    Mancini woah!

    Mancini woah!

    He comes from Italy,

    To manage Man City!

    Mancini woah!

Yaya Toure Dadadada!

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    This isn't a chant by Manchester City fans, rather that of Newcastle United, who took allegiance with the blue side of Manchester.

    In a match against Manchester United at St. James Park, Newcastle fans thought they'd rub it in the faces of their red counterparts, after Yaya Toure's goal saw the Red Devils dreams of another treble crushed, as they crashed out of the FA Cup.

    Not a chant by City fans, but very good one on behalf of the Eastlands faithful.

Fergie, Sign Him Up!

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    After Carlos Tevez did the unspeakable and switched allegiances from Manchester United to Manchester City, City fans thought they'd taunt their counterparts on the red side of town with a chant about their former striker.

    Whenever the diminutive Argentine scored, the chant "Fergie, sign him up!" would always make an appearance.

The Pride of Manchester

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    A common chant Manchester City fans like to do is assert their authority, by declaring at most games that they are the pride of Manchester, as opposed to Manchester United.

Fergie's Right...

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    After Sir Alex Ferguson once criticised Manchester United fans, the Manchester City supporters have made sure the Old Trafford faithful never forget it.

    Every time City play at the Theatre of Dreams, the standard chant "Fergie's right, your fans are s***e" always makes an appearance.