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Bebe Leaves United to Sign with Benfica

By Gianni Verschueren (Photo: Gallo Images/Getty Images)

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    Bebe Channels His Inner CR7

    by BR-UK Staff

    Manchester United may have had a disastrous 2013/14 season, but at least one of their loanees has been performing exceptionally...and it's someone nobody expected... Read More »

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    Benfica Players Dye Heads to Celebrate Title

    by Sean Swaby

    Benfica played out their final home match in a title-winning season on Sunday against Vitoria de Setubal , and in the process, players (and coaches) dyed their hair red to commemorate the occasio... Read More »

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    Salvio Films Wild Benfica Celebrations

    by Mark Patterson

    Salvio won't play in the Europa League final after picking up a booking in Benfica's second leg against Juventus , but perhaps the scenes as the team made their return to Lisbon will make up for that... Read More »

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    Lessons from Juventus vs. Benfica

    by Anthony Lopopolo

    Benfica wrapped up their domestic title almost two weeks ago and are now back in the Europa League final. They came out and defended. They had to know that a 0-0 draw was enough, and it was... Read More »

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    How Benfica Managed to Beat Juventus

    by Crippy Cooke

    Portuguese Liga champions Benfica earned themselves a shock 2-1 win at home to Juventus on Thursday evening in the Europa League semi-final first leg, and they are now daring ... Read More »



Portuguese Princess WAGs

by Cristian Sirera

Portugal's national side might not have more than a couple of key players in South Africa—but that doesn't mean they are lacking any potential when it comes to bringing their game out of the field...