Tottenham Transfers: 8 Potential January Signings for Spurs

Mohamed Al-Hendy@Mo_HendyCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2011

Tottenham Transfers: 8 Potential January Signings for Spurs

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    After a tough summer and a rocky start to the English Premier League season, Tottenham have looked like a solid, united team in recent weeks. They've won beaten Arsenal and Liverpool in recent weeks, and are currently on a five-match unbeaten run.

    But like any team in the world, there are still a few kinks to be worked out. Ledley King's injury has left Tottenham incredibly thin at the back, while the team continues to be heavily reliant on Emmanuel Adebayor's fitness for its success up front. 

    The midfield is also still in the process of being worked out, with Harry Redknapp struggling to include his best players all in the same starting lineup.

    For some of these kinks, Redknapp will just have to make tough, hopefully correct decisions and stick by them for the good of the team.

    For other kinks, there are definitely a few transfers that Tottenham could make to alleviate depth issues and make the squad even stronger than it currently is.

    In the coming slides, we will look at some of the rumored moves being talked about in the media, and look at how beneficial they would be for Harry Redknapp and Tottenham.

Seydou Doumbia (CSKA Moscow)

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    Desirability: 6/10

    Feasibility: 6/10

    According to Metro, Tottenham are reportedly planning on swapping Roman Pavlyuchenko and cash for CSKA Moscow striker Seydou Doumbia this January.

    CSKA Moscow have apparently put a £30 million price tag on their star striker, and it is hoped that moving Pavlyuchenko can bring the transfer price down for Tottenham.

    It's hard to say that this deal would make much sense, and how exactly it would work. It's important to remember that Roman Pavlyuchenko himself had an excellent goalscoring record in Russia; he was consistently a 20-goals-per-year striker.

    What makes Doumbia's goalscoring form more likely than Pavlyuchenko's to translate over to the EPL?

    Furthermore, Doumbia just isn't a £30 million striker. Maybe a £15 million striker, but definitely not £30. Going back to the Pavlyuchenko comparison, Doumbia has been scoring goals in Russia for a much shorter among of time than Pavvy did prior to his move to Tottenham.

    The move would give Tottenham a refreshing new target man who would be a solid backup behind Adebayor, but honestly, I think Pavyluchenko already gives us that.

    If Pavvy is set on leaving White Hart Lane, or the cash required to bring Doumbia isn't too much, then I'm not opposed to the transfer. Otherwise, I don't think it'd be smart for Tottenham to follow through on bringing the Ivorian international to WHL.

Marc Bartra & Martin Montoya (FC Barcelona)

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    Desirability: 7.5/10

    Feasibility: 5/10

    According to Sports News Ireland, Tottenham is looking to strengthen their heavily injured backline by making bids for both Martin Montoya and Marc Bartra of Barcelona. Both youngsters have gotten limited playing time with Barcelona this season, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

    It is hoped that the lure of more playing time at Tottenham would be enough to convince them to forgo long-term contracts at Barcelona and instead move to Tottenham.

    While it would be great to lure both of these young Barcelona stars over to Tottenham, I imagine that the chances of such a move actually happening are slim to none.

    In reality, Tottenham can offer both Montoya and Bartra only marginally more playing time than they are currently receiving at Barcelona, and given Harry Redknapp's reluctance to incorporate young non-English talents into his teams, Montoya and Bartra would likely be consigned to competing in the FA Cup and Europa League for some time.

    It'd be great to see these two guys at Tottenham, but the truth is they'd have to be rather stupid, overly optimistic about their chances at Tottenham, or overly pessimistic about their chances at Barcelona to make the move.

Carlos Casemiro (São Paulo FC)

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    Desirability: 5.5/10

    Feasibility: 6/10

    Move over Neymar, there's a new Brazilian starlet on the block.

    Casemiro recently made his debut for the Brazilian national team against Argentina on September 28th, 2011, and since then, interest in the Brazilian defensive midfielder has exploded.

    Teams like AC Milan, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Inter Milan have all reportedly put the young Brazilian on their radar, and Tottenham has recently jumped into the race to sign Casemiro, according to

    The thing is, we at Tottenham already have a star Brazilian defensive midfielder of our own: Sandro. And ironically, he himself can't even get into the Spurs starting lineup. So why would we sign another Brazilian defensive midfielder who will likely struggle to even make the bench given our depth in the position?

    In recent weeks, Redknapp has tried to include Jake Livermore more regularly in Tottenham's games, and will likely do the same with Tom Huddlestone when he returns from injury.

    With Scott Parker and Modric already occupying the usual starting spots, Casemiro would just add unneccessary congestion to a position that is well-covered in the Spurs squad, and would probably struggle to make any appearances for the club.

    As great as it is to sign a Brazilian star of the future, sometimes you just got to move onto the next one. This is one of those times.

Gary Cahill & Rio Ferdinand (Bolton Wanderers & Manchester United)

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    Desirability: 7/10

    Feasibility: 6/10

    Gary Cahill and Rio Ferdinand are grouped together here because they play in the same position and were both similarly addressed by Harry Redknapp in the media.

    Speaking about Rio Ferdinand, Redknapp said:

    "I haven’t even thought about Rio to be honest. I signed him as a kid. I love Rio as a boy and a player, but it’s not something we have ever inquired about. It’s going to be difficult for him to leave Man United, isn’t it?"

    Then, speaking on a different occasion about Gary Cahill, Redknapp said:

    “I’m not looking to strengthen in defence, really. We are strong in defence. We have Dawson, King, Gallas, Kaboul and (Sebastien) Bassong.”

    Both of these statements would seem to indicate that Redknapp will not be targetting either player, right? Well, not exactly. Redknapp said everything he said above on the assumption that Ledley King would be fit for a majority of the season. Following his injury against Newcastle, that scenario is very much in doubt.

    Additionally, Michael Dawson and William Gallas still look at least a few weeks away from returning from injury, and William Gallas at least will likely remain injury-prone due to his advanced age.

    As such, Tottenham could benefit greatly from an additional defender, and Rio Ferdinand and Gary Cahill could very much be available come January.

    At Manchester United, with Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Nemanja Vidic and Phil Jones all performing well or at least capably at center back, Ferdinand is starting to look like the odd man out, and if his performances do not pick up from now till January, he could find himself on the trading block, or at least making less appearances for SAF and Manchester United.

    Gary Cahill, alternatively, may be sold if he continues to refuse to sign a new contract and Bolton decides they want to cash in on their best player rather than loose him on a free transfer in the summer.

Junior Hoilett (Blackburn Rovers)

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    Desirability: 8/10

    Feasibility: 8/10

    According to the Daily Mail, Tottenham are "monitoring the situation" of Blackburn Rovers winger Junior Hoilett, who is reluctant to sign a new contract that would prevent him from becoming a free agent in the summer.

    I'm not sure what "monitoring the situation" means, but I do know that Junior Hoilett would be an amazing fit for Totteham if he were brought in.

    He could easily be the answer to the right wing position that VDV, Lennon, Modric and others have failed to provide, and he would arguably be just as dangerous as Gareth Bale, if not more dangerous, over time.

    To be honest, I'm amazed that people haven't noticed how talented this kid is yet, but if Tottenham are able to steal Hoilett before the bigger clubs are alerted to his massive talent and potential, I will be very pleased and surprised.

    I can't imagine that it would be too hard to sign him either from Blackburn, especially if he is reluctant to sign a new contract.

Didier Drogba (Chelsea F.C.)

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    Desirability: 7/10

    Feasibility: 7/10

    Of course, no Tottenham transfer rumors slideshow is complete without a Didier Drogba rumor. So here it is, courtesy of

    According to the website, Drogba continues to falter on the idea of signing a new contract with Chelsea, and if Chelsea wants to avoid having Drogba leave for free this summer, they may want to cash in whatever remaining value he may have this January.

    I can't say the prospect of a soon-to-be 34 years old striker appeals too greatly to me, but at the same time, it'd be fairly interesting to see how two of the greatest African strikers in history would perform alongside each other.

    Drogba's transfer would probably only make sense if the fee requested by Chelsea was small, like under £4 million, and only if Pavlyuchenko decided to leave. Otherwise, it wouldn't make much sense to purchase Drogba.