Carlos Tevez: A Funny Look into How the 'Misunderstanding' Might Have Happened

Sean BabcockCorrespondent IISeptember 28, 2011

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 13:  Carlos Tevez of Manchester City during a training session at Carrington Training Ground on September 13, 2011 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Scott Heavey/Getty Images

If you haven't seen the press conference following Manchester City's Champions League loss to Bayern Munich, in which Roberto Mancini slammed Carlos Tevez for allegedly refusing to come on with 30 minutes left to play, it's definitely a transcript that's worth reading.

The incident is sure to rank among the top stories of the week, the month and probably even the season, as Mancini vented his frustrations with the Argentine striker, insisting that "If I have my way, he will be out of the club."

Tevez's actions have reverberated throughout England, as everybody seems keen to provide their own opinions regarding the situation. One manager, Harry Redknapp of Tottenham Hotspur, noted that his side would never make an effort to sign Tevez following the controversy, saying:

"I felt sorry for Roberto Mancini to be put in that situation. It wasn't fair. It wasn't right. It wasn't right for Man City and was not right for football. I can't believe it. It shouldn't happen and can't happen. To see a player do that, refuse to come on and play in a Champions League game is beyond belief."

Redknapp's words seem to be indicative of a unified consensus among nearly everyone that's encountered this story since the incident took place yesterday. The situation was unbelievable, deplorable, disgraceful. It was disrespectful and unforgivable, creating a rift between Tevez and City beyond repair.

It was all a big misunderstanding.

At least that's what Tevez himself has to say about the incident.

In a public statement he issued to the club and all Manchester City fans, Tevez said: "I would like to apologise to all Manchester City fans, with whom I have always had a strong relationship, for any misunderstanding that occurred in Munich."

He went on to explain that "there was some confusion on the bench and I believe my position may have been misunderstood."

So there you have it. The entire incident was nothing but a big misunderstanding. And really, Roberto Mancini should be ashamed for the way he went off on Tevez after the match when his own instructions were clearly so confusing and shrouded in mystery.

But how does a misunderstanding of this magnitude come to be? How does something like this happen in a real-world mid-match situation?

It may be easier than you would think.

I've taken the liberty of recreating the incident on the Manchester City bench, so that everybody can finally understand how truly misunderstood Carlos Tevez was on Tuesday. Readers, take note: This recreation is entirely fictitious in nature, and is little more than my own instinctive hunch regarding how this misunderstanding may have played out.


Mancini: Carlos! Get ready. You're going on.

Tevez: What?

Mancini: You're going to play. Get ready.

Tevez: Huh?

Mancini: Stop messing around, Carlos! You're going on at the next whistle.

Tevez: I don't understand.

Mancini: Your job, Carlos. That thing I pay you for. You're going to do it now.


Mancini: Yes! Football! You're going to play it. Right now!

Tevez: Foot...ball?

Mancini: I'm not joking, Carlos. Get up now, or you're finished at this club.

Tevez: I don't understand what you want me to do.

Mancini: You're going on as a sub!

Tevez: Sub? Sandwich?

Mancini: No! It's that thing we sometimes have you do when we're losing by two goals and Aguero has a yellow card!

Tevez: Yellow...card?

Mancini: Yes! Sergio has a yellow card, and I'm pulling him off. You have to go on.

Tevez: Football. Yes. Where am I?

Mancini: Munich!

Tevez: You speak in riddles. Please leave me to my nap.

So you see, Carlos Tevez is nothing but an innocent victim in this entire situation. And if you thought otherwise, you should be ashamed for jumping to conclusions before truly understanding both sides of the story.

Sometimes, even 10 years into a player's career, the words "you're going to play now" can be as confusing as trying to explain the mechanics of the Large Hadron Collider to a four-year-old.

Shame on you, dear reader, for being so judgmental. That smug look of pure indignation and righteousness that Tevez gave in his own post-match interview while rolling his eyes? That was intended just for you.

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