Premier League Winners and Losers: Robin Van Persie, Demba Ba and Torres

Matthew Celentano@@Gunner_NYCFeatured ColumnistSeptember 26, 2011

Premier League Winners and Losers: Robin Van Persie, Demba Ba and Torres

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    This game week certainly had it's ups and downs. While there weren't any extremely high-scoring matches, and most of the results looked like what one would expect, there was still a fair share of drama in round 6 of the English Premier League.

    While Fernando Torres actually scored a goal, he ruined it by getting sent off after receiving a straight red card. Many will be quick to argue that Torres is actually starting to get on the score sheet, but the other side of the argument says that the Spaniard can't seem to ever put in a good performance without ruining it.

    So is he a winner or a loser?

    There seem to be hat tricks every week now in the Premier League, with Demba Ba the lucky striker this time around. But we all know Ba wasn't the man under the spotlight.

    All eyes were on Robin Van Persie, as his brace against Bolton means the Dutchman has scored 100 goals for Arsenal.

    Let's get right to the action ...

Winner: Robin Van Persie

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    For the first time in a while Arsenal fans got to enjoy a nice comfortable win at the Emirates after pounding Bolton 3-0.  

    And the star of the show was Robin Van Persie, with the second goal of his brace marking the Dutchman's 100th goal for Arsenal. It was quite a memorable moment, seeing as everyone in the stadium stood up to sing the famous "Robin Van Persie" chant.

    This man will undoubtedly go down as a legend in Arsenal history, sticking with the club no matter what's happened.

Winner: Arsenal

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    Arsenal couldn't have asked for a better way to bounce back from their 4-3 loss to Blackburn.

    The Gunners find themselves mid-table once again with seven points, and will hope that the 3-0 victory over Bolton will spark a winning trend.

    As an Arsenal fan I can tell you it was quite a relief to see how well the team performed. Although the defense wasn't rock solid, Mikel Arteta and Theo Walcott had magnificent games, as did unsung hero Alex Song.

    It was a perfect afternoon for Arsenal, and even Arsene Wenger couldn't help but show a rare smile, with the fans singing his name at the end of the match.

Winner: Demba Ba

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    Demba Ba is certainly a winner this week after his hat trick in Newcastle's 3-1 win over Blackburn. 

    The Senegalese international was picked up this summer by Newcastle from West Ham, and has shown on countless occasions that he knows how to hit the net.

    Another winner here that should be noted is Newcastle, who have had their best-ever start to a Premier League season with three wins and three draws in their opening six matches.

    Hitting his first hat trick for the Tyne-Wear outfit, Demba Ba should be scoring plenty more goals this season.

Winner: David De Gea

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    It's looking like David De Gea might finally be starting to adjust to the Premier League.

    After a rough start to the season involving some trouble with long shots and crosses, it seemed as if De Gea would be just like Fabien Barthez and Tim Howard—failed replacements for legends.

    So, with Manchester United facing Stoke, the most physical team in the league, it seemed as if De Gea would be due for embarrassment. Stoke's game play is all about the long ball, something De Gea has clearly shown he isn't good at handling.

    But surprisingly enough, David De Gea was one of the reasons Manchester United didn't lose this match, making a couple crucial saves to ensure they kept the start of their season undefeated. 

    For now, De Gea's got the starting spot, but I'm sure he hasn't had his last error of the season ...

Loser: Bolton

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    What's going on with Bolton?

    There were such high hopes for Bolton this season after Owen Coyle turned the club's style around and put together a solid squad. Coyle made shrewd transfers during the summer to ensure the club pushes for European football next season.

    But after six matches so far in 2011-12, Bolton find themselves at the bottom of the table with the worst goal difference in the league and their best player injured.

    They may have had a rough schedule, playing Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, but Coyle's men could've at least grabbed a few points against Norwich.

    It's been a disappointing start for Bolton, and they'll be surprise relegation contenders if they don't turn around their season soon.

Loser: Manchester United

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    The main reason why Manchester United is a loser this week isn't because their 100 percent start to the season is over; a draw a the Britannia against Stoke is a completely fair result.

    The Red Devils are a loser this week because of Wayne Rooney's surprise injury. The Englishman has a hamstring strain, and is expected to be out for at least a few weeks.

    Now, it's not to say United don't have enough depth to deal with one injury, but with Welbeck out and Chicharito having an on-and-off-again injury, the Manchester outfit's first pick striker will most likely be Berbatov, a fine option but my no means close to Wayne Rooney.

    Let's not forget that the English international has scored a whopping nine goals in five matches for United—that's 40 percent of Manchester United's goals so far this season.

    If United are destined to be 2011-12 champions, this shouldn't be too much of a blow for them, but I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped winning matches with such ease.

Loser: Anyone Who Had Wayne Rooney on Their Fantasy Team

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    I was a victim of this.

    In fact, Rooney was my captain.

    It was a bad game week in fantasy football for anyone who had Rooney on their team and was expecting to complete another prolific hat trick. Not only did he fail to score score, but he didn't even make the squad due to his last minute injury.

    Fantasy football can be crushing sometimes.

Loser: Richard Dunne

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    Nobody likes to score an own goal, in stoppage time, to cost your side the first away win of the season.

    So it was a pretty miserable day for Richard Dunne, who did exactly that to tie up the score in the 94th minute against QPR.

    It was a tough own goal to avoid, seeing as there wasn't much he could've done about it, but an own goal is an own goal and unfortunately it's Dunne's name on the score sheet next to the letters O and G.

Loser: Goal Parties

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    This one will take a bit of explaining.

    At the beginning of most Premier League seasons, the big clubs usually go riot when they play the smaller clubs, notching up five or even six goals in one match.

    It happened last season when Arsenal thumped Blackpool 6-0 and when Chelsea butchered West Brom, 6-0. Of course, it happened this season as well when Manchester United beat Bolton 5-0 and Manchester City beat Swansea, 4-0.

    But after the first few game weeks of the season, those goal parties start to fade and the usual results come streaming back in, with the big clubs usually winning 3-0 at most.

    Well, it seems as if that time has come, and that the goal parties are over. It was bound to happen eventually, but don't be too surprised if we see a few 4-0 or 4-1 wins this season.

Loser: Fernando Torres

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    Yes, I've decided that Fernando Torres is a loser this week.

    Despite putting in a significantly better performance than usual and actually putting the ball in the back of the net, Torres can't seem to have a good day without ruining it, whether it's getting sent off or enduring a horrid miss.

    He's definitely looking better, and I promise when he scores without doing something to screw it up he'll be a winner, but for now he's still a loser in my book.

Loser: Chelsea

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    You might be surprised that a team that comfortably won 4-1 against Swansea is marked down as a loser for this week.

    But am I the only one getting the sense that not everything is right at Chelsea?

    Not only did Torres see red, but later in the match Frank Lampard stormed out of Stamford Bridge in response to Andre Villas-Boas' not playing him. This created flurries of speculation over the midfielder's future at Chelsea.

    The Portuguese manager has to get everything under control, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was rebellion in the dressing room considering Lampard is as old as Villas-Boas.