Watch as Real Madrid's Pepe Goes Crazy Again; Kicks Levante Player on the Ground

Andres Ehrli@@ehrliCorrespondent IIISeptember 20, 2011

Pepe's done it again.

Sure, this time he only kicked his opponent twice and didn't stomp on him afterwards, so it's fair to say he wasn't as evident as he was last time. He also got away with it since he only got a yellow card (he was sent off and suspended for 10 matches following his offense two years ago).

This time it was Xavi Torres who had to suffer Pepe's antics. He endured a push, a step over his heel that could have injured him easily and then a slight (or it could have injured him seriously) kick to the head from the Portuguese mad man when he went down.

It's not particularly hard to find brutal tackles by the Real Madrid centre-back, but this time he overdid it against Levante, reminding us all of his disgraceful acts playing Getafe.

The best part was that Pepe said after the match that, "Referees have to do their job and they didn't tonight."

Poor Xavi Torres, amazed, said "Flipé con Pepe cuando me da la patada en la cabeza," which, translated to English, means something close to "I was gobsmacked with Pepe when he kicked me in the head." 

They're both right.

I'm betting Pepe's asking for someone who'll actually send him off for what he did here. As for Xavi, I'm also impressed the Portuguese keeps doing it. But I'm more impressed that he actually gets away with it in terms of refs carding him instead of the suspensions and fines that should come his way for being a flagrant dirty player in every match he plays in.

To quote Guardiola: "If this keeps happening, it'll end badly."

Somebody, please stop Pepe before it does.


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