Arsenal: The 7 Most Indispensable Players on the Roster

Thomas MartzContributor ISeptember 16, 2011

Arsenal: The 7 Most Indispensable Players on the Roster

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    Since the horrid 8-2 loss to Manchester United, Arsene Wenger has made several changes to the squad.

    Not only did Wenger bring in play makers such as Mikel Arteta, but he also strengthened the defense with Per Mertesaker.

    The updated team has since shown some resilience, especially on the road against a tough Dortmund side.

    During this tumultuous time for Arsenal, reflecting on positives about the team can help ease a fan’s anguish.

    Continue reading to see seven of Arsenal’s best players (in no particular order) who will help keep the Gunners competitive.

Wojciech Szczesny

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    Sczesny is touted as one of the world’s best young goalkeepers and has single handedly helped Arsenal avoid hemorrhaging goals.

    His abilities certainly helped keep Dortmund at bay. It took a perfect volley from Ivan Perisic in the final minutes of the match for the German side to score.

    At the age of 20, Szczesny already has several international appearances, and his latest performance against the German national team, where he made at least eight crucial saves, was incredible. If the young Pole continues to develop, Arsenal’s number of clean sheets is bound to improve.

Alex Song

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    Alex Song is Arsenal’s No. 1 defensive midfielder for good reason.

    Song’s ball control, vision of the pitch, and ability to tackle help secure the Arsenal’s defense yet he can also assist attacking plays.

    Being such a rounded player, he is crucial to securing the midfield during a game.

    Although he occasionally makes mistakes, Song recovers quickly and works hard.

    Song left a notable void during EPL games when he was suspended, but made a huge difference during Champion League matchups.

Robin Van Persie

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    Robin Van Persie is Arsenal’s No. 1 striker and captain. His vision, experience, and finishing make him a threat to other teams.

    If it were not for Van Persie, Arsenal would not have secured a point against Dortmund.

    According to his statistics (found here), Van Persie scored 22 goals last season.

    Being in the prime of his career, Van Persie should continue setting personal records if he can stay healthy.

Jack Wilshere

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    Yes, Jack Wilshere has been injured all season, but that does not stop him from being an indispensable player.

    Wilshere is a great technical player and has the ability to drive forward to build plays with precision passing.

    Plus, he has a great attitude and is a favorite among fans. Once he becomes healthy again, Wilshere will be back in the starting 11 and has the potential to become a threat on goal.

Thomas Vermalen

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    Thomas Vermalen, another injured player, is vice-captain of the Arsenal squad and captain for the Belgium national team.

    He has a good eye and a strong tackle that solidifies the defensive line.

    In addition to his defensive play, he has made plenty of attacking runs and scored eight times during his first season with Arsenal.

    Hopefully his nagging ankle injury will recede and allow him to stay healthy.

Mikel Arteta

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    Arteta had big shoes to fill when he signed for Arsenal during the summer transfer window.

    Although people are still speculating if he can reach the creative levels of Fabregas and Nasri, Arteta’s first two performances have been strong.

    He’s a good passer, has a command of the midfield and delivers quality set pieces. He is passionate about playing for silverware and will work hard to get it.

    Aaron Ramsey may have been able to take Arteta’s spot on this list, but Arteta’s age and experience in the premier league set him apart in the Arsenal squad.

Bacary Sagna

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    Sagna is a staple of the defensive line and rarely makes errors. He is a solid player and has appeared for Arsenal over 170 times across all competitions.

    Among all of the other changes occurring at the club, Sagna is one point of consistency

Some Other Players with Potential to Make This List

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    Theo Walcott has the pace to become indispensable if he could become a more consistent finisher/passer.

    Laurent Koscielny had an excellent performance against Dortmund, but his mistake in the League Cup final last year against Birmingham isn’t easily forgotten.

    Per Mertesaker has played well and adds height to the squad, but people are still questioning his pace and positioning against quicker teams.