EPL Transfer News: Liverpool's Best First and Second Teams

Tim AndersonCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2011

Suarez has been a huge hit
Suarez has been a huge hitClive Brunskill/Getty Images

With the end of the transfer window, most Liverpool fans will be happy to see the back of many players that had been inactive in the squad and several players considered "deadwood" or "not good enough" for the first team.

Cole, Poulsen, Degen and Jovanovic are among an exodus of players over the offseason that fans will be happy to be rid of (if only on loan).

Others that have left will cause disappointment , particularly Aquilani and Mereiles, and there will be mixed feelings for other leavers such as N'gog, Krygiakos and Insua.

Overall though, the team looks significantly more streamlined, the wage bill is significantly reduced, and overnight NESN has probably pocketed another £20-25million in sales and wage reductions.

This would be the best LFC could put on the pitch for me:







Which looks, frankly, fantastic. Maybe a little light on experience on the left but well covered with Kuyt and Lucas.

The second team looks distinctly second rate but some are readily interchangeable and it's doubtful that they'll all have to play together at the same time:






There seems to be lots of room now for youngsters to be encouraged. But letting Mereiles go could prove a costly decision if injuries are to take hold before January. A real midfield leader in the second team is lacking. Time will tell.

Overall, a much tighter ship in operation and another step in the right direction for the club.