As Tottenham Hotspur Eye Parker and Hargreaves, Why Is Defense Not a Priority?

Sean BabcockCorrespondent IIAugust 29, 2011

The latest transfer gossip for Tottenham Hotspur is in: Harry Redknapp is reportedly interested in former Bayern Munich and Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves.

That, compounded with the undying rumors that Spurs intend to sign Scott Parker from West Ham before the transfer deadline, make it look almost guaranteed that there will be at least one new face at White Hart Lane by Sept. 1.

And odds are that the new face will be that of a midfielder, at a time when Spurs so desperately need, at the very least, the smallest fraction of defensive reinforcement.

Rumors will be rumors, and their credibility will always be called into question. But as the transfer season reaches its dying days, where are the rumors of Tottenham's defensive acquisitions? Where are the whispers of a back line who doesn't concede eight goals in two matches and the centre-back who is, quite frankly, not Younes Kaboul?

The failings of Spurs' midfield certainly had their role to play in the two embarrassing losses at the hands of Manchester's powerhouse squads. And midfield injuries are very much a concern for Harry Redknapp and company at the opening stages of 2011–2012.

Nonetheless, with high-profile midfield names constituting such an unbalanced fraction of Tottenham's salary budget, it seems obvious that now is the time accept the midfield for what it is and move to more pressing concerns.

Given the scoreline of the past two matches, are those concerns really a mystery to the business side of White Hart Lane?

Fix the back line, Tottenham. Make this summer's Rafael van der Vaart a player who can keep goals out of the net instead of putting them in. Do whatever it takes, but do it fast.

And if it really is too late, like so many of us now fear as the deadline inches closer, remember this: You had three months to make something happen and chose to squander time and resources searching for that magical striker who would make it all better.

If you're not going to address the problems that truly need addressing this summer, then at least save the cash for January.