Zinedine Zidane Teaches Karim Benzema About Weight Reduction

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IAugust 5, 2011

ZidaneKent Horner/Getty Images

I have been wondering if this latest news from the online magazine The Age is worth the publicity. I have decided to comment about it since sports and health go together.

Zinedine Zidane is taking advantage of his new job as sports director for Real Madrid.

Zidane is teaching Karim Benzema about the necessity of weight reduction.

Zidane recommended Benzema a hotel and spa venue located on the border between Austria and Italy for weight reduction. The purpose is to prepare for a leaner and more efficient Real Madrid in the next La Liga (Spain) season of 2011-2012.

The lesson that can be learned is the need to remain fit in the sports world. The website Livestrong.com  deals with weight loss, healthy living and soccer.

The recommendations for a soccer player (according to Livestrong.com) is a healthy intake of fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. The foods that should be avoided (or kept to a minimum) are sweets, fast foods, foods high in carbohydrates, processed foods and alcohol.

The reason is to keep the body healthy with control of the consumption of calories. The performance of exercises for sprinting also help and should last three minutes with a rest period of the same amount.

The sprints should be decreased gradually with an increase in intensity. The athletes, especially those who play soccer, may not aspire to a regimen used by Zidane, but it helps in the long run.