Real Madrid Transfer Target Neymar's Top 5 Goals

Andres Ehrli@@ehrliCorrespondent IIIJuly 29, 2011

Real Madrid Transfer Target Neymar's Top 5 Goals

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    There's no doubting Neymar is very talented. And he has scored some impressive goals to back that up.

    With both Brasil and Santos, he has scored lots of magnificent goals—even if he's only 19 years old.

    It's really no surprise Real Madrid and other teams in Europe want him, and he's already endorsed by Nike as the next Brazilian superstar.

    Start the slideshow to see his best ones so far!

5. Neymar One-on-One vs. Japan U17

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    Sixteen-year-old Neymar one-on-one versus the keeper?

    No problem.

4. Neymar Has Day in the Park vs. Portuguesa

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    This might be cheating, but both his goals against Portuguesa are top class.

    I'm sure they were still dreaming with him the next week or so. 

3. Neymar Puts on a Show and a Mask (gets Red-Carded)

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    The ball rebounds, and Neymar has five defenders in front of him.

    What does he do?

    He beats them easy (for Neymar, of course) and lobs the keeper.

    Then he puts on a mask while celebrating and gets red-carded.

    Talk about putting on a show, right?

2. Neymar Paradinha Penalty vs. Sao Paolo

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    Normally, a penalty isn't that great. 

    But Neymar got heads turning his way with his paradinha against Rogerio Ceni.

    For those of you who don't know, you're not allowed to stop that way in a PK.

    But Neymar got way with it.  

    Not the only time he's done it either.

1. Neymar Humiliates a Flamengo Defender

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    Neymar starts out wide against two defenders. After he beats them, he plays a one-two and has one man to beat.

    What happens? He flat-out destroys him before he scores.

    Easily his best goal so far.  

    I'm sure the defender must think so as well.

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