EPL Transfers: Ranking the Top 10 Premier League Buys so Far

Andres Ehrli@@ehrliCorrespondent IIIJuly 27, 2011

EPL Transfers: Ranking the Top 10 Premier League Buys so Far

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    Teams are already starting to spend some bucks this offseason, so it might be a good moment to analyze who has gotten the best deals so far.

    While some teams haven't spent their money wisely, others have already made some very good offseason moves. 

    This list will weigh not only each player's talent, but also his price and the signing team's need for the player.

    Without further ado, here are the Top-10 signings in the EPL so far. 

10. Gervinho

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    Age: 24

    Nationality: Ivorian

    Height: 1.79 m

    Position: winger or striker


    From: OSC Lille

    To: Arsenal


    Transfer Fee: £10.5 million 

    Real Market Value: £15 million



    Great player and great price for Arsenal.

    But a speedy dribbling winger? Really?

    What about Carlos Vela, Andrey Arshavin and Theo Walcott?

    Gervinho's fantastic at that price, but I have a feeling Arsenal already had players like him on their squad.

    Where's the goalkeeper or the central defender, Arsene?

    Rating: 7.25 (out of 10)

9. Phil Jones

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    Age: 19

    Nationality: English

    Height: 1.87 m

    Position: central defender


    From: Blackburn Rovers

    To: Manchester United


    Transfer Fee: £17 million

    Real Market Value: £5 million


    First thing's first: there's no way Phil Jones if worth that much (yet).

    With that money, I would have tried to get Borussia's Mats Hummels. 

    That said, he's a very promising defender, and his play-making from the back is top notch.

    A bit of a bet—given the price—but he has all the tools in the world to make the bet a good one.  

    Rating: 7.5 (out of 10)

8. Stewart Downing

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    Age: 27

    Nationality: English

    Height: 1.79 m

    Position: winger or midfielder


    From: Aston Villa

    To: Liverpool


    Transfer Fee: £20 million

    Real Market Value: £11 million



    Stewart was worth just shy of £12 million two years ago for Villa. Is he really worth 20 now?

    Downing's clearly overpriced, but when you think about him crossing the ball Andy Carroll's way, you have to be optimistic about the possibilities.

    And when you think this is just the second half of Carroll's transfer, who cares about Downing being overpriced, right? 

    Rating: 8 (out of 10)

7. Ashley Young

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    Age: 26

    Nationality: English

    Height: 1.76 m

    Position: winger or attacking midfielder


    From: Aston Villa

    To: Manchester United


    Transfer Fee: £15.75 million

    Real Market Value: £16 million



    Manchester United got one of the premier crossers in England to play balls to a player who will become one of the deadliest aerial threats in the EPL: Javier "Chicharito" Hernández.

    He will eventually become Giggs' natural replacement on the Red Devil's left side.

    They paid a fair price for him too. 

    Rating: 8.5 (out of 10)

6. Shay Given

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    Age: 35

    Nationality: Irish

    Height: 1.85 m

    Position: goalkeeper


    From: Manchester City

    To: Aston Villa


    Transfer Fee: £3.3 million

    Real Market Value: £5.5 million



    He's 35, but he's one of the Top 10 most talented keepers in the world. And getting him for under £5 million is absolutely fantastic.

    Aston Villa will get two or three years of fine goalkeeping at that price. 

    Rating: 8.75 (out of 10)

5. Gaël Clichy

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    Age: 26

    Nationality: French

    Height: 1.81 m

    Position: left-back


    From: Arsenal

    To: Manchester City


    Transfer Fee: £6.75 million

    Real Market Value: £15 million



    Manchester City buying cheap and actually profiting in the transfer market? What the hell?

    Getting Clichy and selling Jerome Boateng for almost twice what the Frenchman cost them is great team building.

    We'll see Gaël back in his fine form—from a couple of seasons ago at Emirates Stadium—again at Eastlands. 


    Rating: 9 (out of 10)

4. Charlie Adam

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    Age: 25

    Nationality: Scottish

    Height: 1.85 m

    Position: midfielder


    From: Blackpool

    To: Liverpool


    Transfer Fee: £7.25 million

    Real Market Value: £10 million



    Liverpool have overspent for three Englishmen: Andy Carroll, Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing.

    Did they pay a fair price for Charlie Adam just because he's Scottish?

    All jokes aside, Charlie has the potential to add 10 to 15 goals from the midfield every season.

    And getting that scoring potential for under £10 million is a great bargain.  

    Rating: 9.1 (out of 10)

3. Sebastian Larsson

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    Age: 26

    Nationality: Swedish

    Height: 1.78 m

    Position: winger or midfielder


    From: Birmingham

    To: Sunderland


    Transfer Fee: Bosman (free) 

    Real Market Value: £6 million



    Sunderland sold Jordan Henderson for the Queen's jewels and £16 million. And they got his replacement in Larsson for free.

    One of the EPL's best crossers, it's amazing none of the "big" clubs went after him.

    I might actually take him over Henderson anyway.

    And that's not even taking into account the fact that he comes in free.  

    Rating: 9.2 (out of 10)

2. Yohan Cabaye

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    Age: 25

    Nationality: French

    Height: 1.75 m

    Position: midfielder


    From: OSC Lille

    To: Newcastle


    Transfer Fee: £4.4 million

    Real Market Value: £12 million



    I have no clue how Newcastle got him that cheap, but they did.

    He was the "Xavi role" on Lille's Barça-mimicking formation. He was quite good at it, too. 

    I have a feeling he'll make lots of people happy at St. James Park. 

    Rating: 9.25 (out of 10)

1. David De Gea

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    Age: 19

    Nationality: Spanish

    Height: 1.92 m

    Position: goalkeeper


    From: Atlético Madrid

    To: Manchester United


    Transfer Fee: £17.5 million

    Real Market Value: £22 million



    Don't doubt David De Gea, Manchester United fans.

    Trust me: he'll be worth every penny.

    I actually think Sir Alex got him on the cheap side.

    He has the potential to be better than van der Sar. And when I say better, I mean way better. 

    Rating: 9.5 (out of 10)