Manchester United: 5 Reasons Wesley Sneijder Won't Sign with the Red Devils

Sean BabcockCorrespondent IIJuly 15, 2011

Manchester United: 5 Reasons Wesley Sneijder Won't Sign with the Red Devils

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    Despite a media storm of stories yesterday seeming to confirm an imminent finalization of a deal between Manchester United and Inter Milan star Wesley Sneijder, the most recent statements from all sides have downplayed such reports and made it appear that such an agreement is far less likely than many people thought.

    While it's certainly possible that an agreement will be reached in the coming days, many people seem to be forgetting the long list of reasons why the transfer is less of a sure thing than certain outlets initially made it appear.

    There are many reasons why a deal between Sneijder and United could fall through, and possibly already has. These are the top five reasons to doubt that Sneijder will be wearing a Red Devils uniform next season.

Alex Ferguson: "No Real Interest" in Sneijder

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    The official position of Manchester United at this point was most clearly stated by Alex Ferguson himself, who publicly admitted today that "there is no real interest at this moment in time in Wesley Sneijder." But, it's not like we've never heard that old line immediately before a major signing.

    "I keep reading about this. There's absolutely nothing at all to [this story]," Ferguson revealed. He added, "the situation is that there is no real interest in Wesley Sneijder at this moment in time for a lot of reasons."

    However, Ferguson also admitted (speaking from Seattle), "there is nothing I can tell you about it. I have not really been involved in it since I came across here."

    But don't think for a second that Ferguson hasn't been kept up-to-date. If a move is nearing finalization, he will know about it. Whether he's going to admit it at this stage, however, is another question entirely.

Inter Milan: Sneijder "Not for Sale"

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    Inter Milan have not exactly been shy about their opinion regarding a potential transfer, saying early this week that their midfielder is "not for sale."

    Said Inter boss Marco Branca: "Our intention is not to sell any of our champions."

    He did, however, add that " if mega-galactic offers were to arrive, we would discuss them, but right now that is not the case.''

    Even Alex Ferguson was well-aware of Inter's position, saying from Seattle "I don't think Inter are prepared to sell him anyway. You get conjecture and you get speculation every week in newspapers, unfortunately."

    The obvious question we're left with out of all of this is this: what exactly constitutes a "mega-galactic" offer? In any case, indications from all sides seems to be that £35 million is not the answer.

Sneijder: "I Love Inter"

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    One of the biggest factors preventing United from finalizing a deal with Sneijder will be the simple fact that Sneijder simply does not want to leave Milan.

    "I would like to remain," he said earlier this month. After two years in Italy, the Holland International has adjusted well and grown to love the city of Milan.

    "I have marvellous team-mates. My wife Yolanthe and I love Inter, the Italian fans and Italy," he said. "We have felt so good here that I would miss the city of Milan and Inter."

    Sneijder did, however, add that "if the club decided to sell me, I will go wherever they tell me to go. But I would be disappointed."

Luka Modric

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    As Tottenham's Croatian star continues to stir up trouble in North London, Manchester United might be turning their attention back to White Hart Lane.

    The Spurs have already rejected two bids for Modric from Chelsea, insisting that they will not let him go. However, that hasn't stopped Modric from pushing for a transfer.

    United have already expressed interest in Modric earlier this transfer season, but seemed to give up on the idea in recent weeks. Some analysts, however, are already predicting that United will once again join the hunt for Tottenham's want-away star.


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    Manchester United have already been one of the single busiest clubs in England's top tier this transfer season, and they've easily already spent more money than anybody else in the league. That's why £35 million might be a little steep for them at the moment, no matter who they're bidding on.

    Adding to the financial questions surrounding a Sneijder deal: the £200,000 a week Sneijder reportedly wants from the club.

    According to, United may have tried to drive that figure down to £170,000 and failed, resulting in a breakdown in negotiations.

    Of course, it would be foolish to think that the wealthiest club in the world could not afford a player for these prices. The question is only whether or not he is worth it.