Juventus, a Club About to Dominate Europe Once Again, Here's Why

Adrian Agius@@agius2nvAnalyst IJuly 14, 2011

Juventus, a Club About to Dominate Europe Once Again, Here's Why

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    Juventus boast a record in Europe unmatched by many.

    In Italy the Bianconeri posess the most League titles in the history of the Serie A and the most League Cups in the history of the Copa Italia.

    Elsewhere in Europe the Bianconeri boast the record for the most UEFA Cup wins and have won the Champions League twice.

    In history Juventus were voted as third in the World Club Rankings (1991-2009)

    In 2006 a terrible scandal was brought to surface, Juventus allegedly proven to have had been involved in match fixing, resulting in their demise to the Serie B. With that went a whole host of stars, and a whole host of dreams. Juventus returned to the Serie A the next year, but the journey back to the top of the Serie A would be a long one.

    Five years on Juve are ready to triumph to the top of Italy again, and this is why they can do it!

New Coach: Antonio Conte Joins Juventus from Siena

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    After changes at the helm at Juventus five times in four years, former player and Siena manager Antonio Conte arrives at the Delle Alpi to restore his club to its former glory.

    As a player Conte made 295 appearances for the Old Lady, in a career lasting twelve years. During this time he played alongside players still playing today, Del Piero and Buffon to name a few. There is no doubt Conte knows Juventus. He is black and white through and through. His knowledge behind the helm of Juventus will only benefit them in their search for glory.

    During his time in charge so far Juventus have made a host of signings, developed a new look formation and will once again challenge for the very pinnacle of Italian football.

    Conte is no stranger to success with clubs, getting Bari and Siena promoted from Serie B two consecutive years. Consistency is something he boasts, and is something Juve have to develop!

New Stadium: Stadio Delle Alpi Gets a Makeover

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    For a while now Juventus have been playing in the Olympic Stadium in Turin. As a result fan attendance has been down, but all this at the expense of a bigger project, set to be finished prior to the commencement of the 2011/2012 Serie A. Juventus are building a new Stadio Delle Alpi!

    What makes this Delle Alpi better is that it will not only seat more and have a more modern feel, but also make Juventus the first Italian Club to own their own stadium—the last stadium was co-owned with Torino.

    The stadium will be decked out with the latest technological advancements. Bianconeri around the world can expect a heated pitch and optimum preparation for Juventus each and every home game.

    What tops this project off is the fact that it will be half funded by the Italian government, as the stadium forms part of the Stadium building project for Italy's bid to host Euro 2016.

New Signings: Rossi, Bastos, Vidal, Pirlo, Ziegler, Matri Could Join Forces

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    Juventus have made it no secret that they are out to build a completely new squad this transfer window. So far they have gotten to work securing the services of a number of new players for the 2011/2012 season.

    So far the have signed:

    • Steven Lichtsteiner from Lazio (Permanent deal) - Defender
    • Fabio Quagliarella from Napoli (Loan to Permanent) - Striker
    • Alessandro Matri from Genoa (Loan to Permanent) - Striker
    • SImone Pepe from Udinese (Loan to Permanent) - Midfielder
    • Marco Motta from Roma (Loan to Permanent) - Defender
    • Reto Ziegler from Sampdoria (Permanent deal) Defender
    • Andrea Pirlo from Ac Milan (Permanent deal) - Midfielder

    They are also in the hunt for a number of players:

    • Giuseppe Rossi from Villarreal
    • Michel Bastos from Lyon
    • Aturo Vidal from Bayern Leverkusen
    • Andreas Beck from Heffenheim

    With so much new blood at the club one would question whether Juventus would be able to build enough team chemistry at the club to challenge for the Serie A, but with the experience of Chiellini, Del Piero and Buffon in the ranks as well as the acquisition of a new coach, this will prove to be a little hurdle