Arsenal FC: 8 Games the Gunners Must Win to Be Premier League Champions

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJuly 5, 2011

Arsenal FC: 8 Games the Gunners Must Win to Be Premier League Champions

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    Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal organization are reaching for Premier League Glory once again. The team is perennial top four finishers earning them a Champions League spot but there have not been a trophy added to their case since the FA Cup in 2005.

    The biggest award that the Barclays Premier League has to offer is the Premier League Championship.

    No one doubts Arsene Wenger and his ability to continually play attracted football and have talented players on the field but people are starting to wonder if he can translate the two into a Premier League Championship.

    Here are eight must win games for the Gunners if they are going to win the league in the upcoming season.

Newcastle United: Away, Aug. 13

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    Newcastle United away is the first game of the season and the one game that can set the tone for the campaign.

    Arsene Wenger may have to put out a squad that does not include Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas, the Frenchman Samir Nasri, and the Russian playmaker Andrey Arshavin. All three of the players look likely to depart this summer, which will test Arsenal’s talent and depth.

    With players like those three leaving Arsene will have to make a splash in the transfer window and strengthen the squad and find suitable replacements.

    Not only will the first game set the tone but it will also be telling for the type of new players that Wenger has brought in.

Liverpool: Home, Aug. 20

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    This is the first game at the Emirates for the new season.

    Just like the first game of the season the first game at home is a tone setter too. Can the team make the Emirates a stronghold or will points be taken away from them in front of their own fans?

    In the 19 games that Arsenal played at the Emirates they took the maximum three points in 11 of the matches and took one point in four. They only lost four games in front of the Arsenal faithful.

    The Gunners also need to beat Liverpool in this game because they are not the most likely title contender but they certainly have a chance.

    If Arsene Wenger wants to win the league then he must beat the teams that surround him on the table.

Manchester United: Away, Aug. 27

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    To finish this rough month of tone setting there is Manchester United the defending Premier League Champions.

    There is no bigger game to make a statement then this one. In front of the Manchester United supporters at Old Trafford pulling off a victory will spread the message around the league that Arsene Wenger and his Gunners are legitimate contenders.

    Taking down the defending champions is the perfect message to send to the rest of the league.

Swansea: Home, Sept. 10

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    Arsene Wenger and the squad have to secure points from teams that will be battling in the bottom of the table. If they cannot earn the points that they are supposed to then their season will be on a downslide and looking at a maximum of a fourth place finish.

    Swansea is one of the three Premier League new boys and they will come out with fire and passion because they have something to prove.

    Arsenal must stomp out the flames leaving them in ashes and rethinking their campaign strategy.

Manchester City: Away, Dec. 17

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    This game will test Arsene Wenger and Arsenal on their depth.

    Manchester City has talent to fill two strong starting 11’s. If Arsene Wenger can outclass Roberto Mancini and his men in one of the busiest times of the year the league will take notice.

    Roberto Mancini can put out a number of different combinations on the field and it will not be a weakened side but Arsenal will have to play many games and stay fresh making this game a very tough one due to its position in the heart of the month.

Chelsea: Home, April 21

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    This game is getting into the home stretch of the season and Chelsea will definitely be a team battling with the Gunners at the top of the table.

    If Arsenal can take points from a team that will most likely still be battling them at this point in the season they are getting closer to securing a place and earning the trophy for their case.

Norwich: Home, May 5

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    This game will likely see two teams on the oppsosite ends of the spectrum. If Norwich is battling for their life like most analysts predict then they will be looking for the upset.

    They will likely look to throw players into the attack and get the early goal and then get behind the ball and defend and deafen the cannon blasts from the Gunners.

    If Arsene can keep the Premier League new boys down and get all three points then they could put a stamp on their aspirations for the title and pull away Norwich’s Premier League lifeline.

West Bromwich Albion: Away, May 13

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    The final game of the season is always a must-win. It puts a stamp on the season and shows the type of team Arsenal was during the term.

    It also is the perfect sending off for the champions.

    If Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are able to obtain the Premier League Title, going out on a win and three points is the perfect capper.